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Future FTTP

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My area is being upgraded to FTTP in Openreachs rollout, I'm currently on FTTC, obviously if the copper is stripped out from the cabinet to my house with fibre optic cable, what happens to the existing plan I'm currently on Fibre 65, will I be offered an upgrade or will the service be throttled to Mt speeds I'm getting now?


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At that point I wonder if they would introduce cheaper/slower packages because at the moment FTTP is considerably more expensive than current fttc offers (can often get an offer for around £15).


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The process for moving from copper to FTTP lines begins once 75% of premises in an exchange are able to receive that full fibre connectivity. The target for this is often c.24 months after the fibre roll-out starts, while the copper switch-off might then occur c.3 years after that (consumer migration is a slow process). The pace of this progress may vary from place to place, as some areas will be faster to tackle than others.

The migration process itself usually starts with a “no move back” policy for premises connected with FTTP (i.e. no going back to copper), followed by a “stop-sell” of copper services to new customers (12-months’ notice is usually given before this starts) and ultimately full withdrawal.


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The copper phone lines are not "stripped out" at all, they remain in place as does the current fibre cable feeding your cabinet, so your Fibre 65 will still be available.


The full fibre installation is a completely separate beast, new cables will be run in your area, either overhead via poles or through existing underground ducts, but not right up to your home.


Only when you confirm an order will the final connection be made.


If TT offer Future Fibre in your area, availability will show in your online account or you may get an email or letter.


There will be no compulsion to move to FTTP at the moment, if you want it there is a choice of two speeds, 150 or 500 and you will have to order it yourself.


However, TT do not currently offer any phone service at all on FTTP, the copper line will be disconnected.