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GFast flappiing - How do I report please?

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Hi there


I have GFast 150 and the last few days it has been going off and coming back on again numerous times each day. (DSL and Internet light go out on Openreach modem, DSL light comes back on, flashes then goes steady and Internet light then comes back on) annnnnnnd repeat about 20 / 30 minutes later.


All I want to do is contact someone to report the issue which I'm assuming is a local issue somewhere and not in the house and have the reassurance that it's being addressed.


Of course I do a line check and it comes back perfect which it would while it's working. I tried ringing the service centre number and of course it's just an automated service that tries a line check which works because at that point the service is up. 


I've also switched everything off, reseated all the cables, switched back on etc and the problem persists. I've been in the IT game for too many years so I know how this works.


The chat service hasn't worked any time I've tried it over the last 3 days.


Can anybody help me with this please?


Many thanks





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Hi Kevin


I'm glad to hear that the connection has remained stable, thanks for letting us know 🙂



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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk 


It's been rock solid since the last conversation so I guess whatever the issue was it's been resolved, at least for now 😉.


I suggest we close this thread for now and I'll open a new one if it happens again, if that's ok with you.


Many thanks



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Hi Kevin


How has the connection been since your last post?





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Hi @Skynet_TX

Many thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate it.

Kind regards

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Hi Michelle




Hello Michelle and many thanks for getting back to me. 




Yes it has stabilised over the weekend thank you. If you'd asked me if it was weather related before this weekend I'd have said that it possibly was but the weather has been dreadful here over the weekend but the connection has been good. 


When I've tested the line using the tools on the Talktalk website the speed / connection is always good. It's literally just the drop outs that become frustrating and it's extra frustrating when you can't get on the phone or chat to let someone know. 


If this plays out like it has before it'll probably be ok for a few days now but may start again. If so I'll be back to let you know but I can't think that there is any more to be done right nowunless you can think of anything?


Many thanks





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Hi kevin,


I'm sorry to hear this. I've run a test on the line now which hasn't detected a fault and the connection appears to have stabilised over the last 48hrs. How has the connection been over the weekend? Do the drops in connection appear to be weather related?




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Hi @kevinleighton ,


The staff here will be able to help with this, but they won't be around until Monday now, so if you can't get hold of live chat over the weekend the staff here should be able to respond to offer some help early next week.