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Get a Wi-Fi Hub on us when you fix your Faster Fibre price again for two more years e-mail

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Thanks for reading...Please bear with me so sorry this is so long but after spending an hour on the phone trying to sort this with no confirmation I was transferred to speak to someone from Loyalty Department who eventually told me the offer was only available for broadband customers to upgrade to Faster hour forty mins wasted!


If that was so why send an already Faster Fibre customer the e-mail? It reads to me that It offers a fixed price for two more years on the plan I'm already on!


So here goes...On the 20th of May I received this e-mail from talktalk had previously received two others but ignored them thinking it was a scam.


It’s your last chance to take this exclusive Faster Fibre Fixed Price Plan offer. Renew today for £26.50 a month and you’ll freeze that price for two years. That’s just £1.00 more a month than you’re paying now. Plus, you’ll get our game-changing Wi-Fi Hub (worth £120) with our strongest signal yet at no extra cost. Hurry, this offer ends Tuesday 28 May.

No mid-contract price rises on your Fixed Price Plan.

By clicking the above you will be choosing a new Faster Fibre Fixed Price Plan for £26.50 a month excluding any Boost charges for 24 months on a new contract with no set-up fee.

Your new contract will start straight away. WiFi Hub yours at no extra cost but only when you one click above. Offer not available outside this email.

All existing products you have will remain unchanged.


There was a link to accept the I never click links in e-mails so used the chat service to ask if this was a genuine mail from talktalk...

From chat transcript

So if I click the link in e-mail to take up offer it will be genuine?

 at 15:07, May 23:
Please bear with me whilst i check that for you?

 at 15:10, May 23:
Yes it will be genuine.


After confirmation e-mail was genuine I clicked the link to take the offer up...taken to talktalk page showing accepted.

One week later no other confirmation or hub so I used chat to ask why...technical issues accessing my account so they transferred me to Loyalty Dept chat...they could not access previous chats on the page so gave me a link to a new chat window...clicked on it  and it opened same chat window and just closed down.

That's when I wasted the hour forty mins on the phone to be told only from Broadband to Faster Fibre.


Has anyone else on Faster Fibre received this e-mail and been able to take up the offer...if so can an OCE team member help me out with this please.












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Hi @kenny48


Can you update your community profile to include your landline number, and I can look into this. 




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I also clicked on the link from email (again very wary about clicking links, so checked it was genuine first) 


I checked my account yesterday and found that the contract had been renewed for 2 yrs but no sign of the promised router.


I went to online chat, and eventually got to a customer service manager who told me that as my current router would suffice I would not be getting a new router.

I protested that the reason I was swayed to the deal was the inclusion of the router.

She first of all offered to sell me one for £120... then offered to reduce the cost to £60... when I sent a copy of the body of the email which said "have a £120 router on us" she said it wasn't clear that the router was free but would check her options, and eventually decided she would sent a new router for free.. It arrived this morning.. yippee.. but another hour of my life wasted.


Would be nice if marketing could check that they can actually fulfil their promises.

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Thankyou Karl.


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You do not have to return the other router.  Always useful to have a spare for testing purposes if there are any issues in the future.





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Router received set up and working well thankyou.


Do I need to send my old router back...if so may I have a returns label.


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Hi @Mannh I can confirm that Your contract has been renewed on 31st May, The hub will be dispatched in a few days


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I clicked the email. My contract is extended but I’ve not heard a thing about the hub or the contract. 


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Thankyou Arne...much appreciated.  👍


Just waiting now for e-mail with new contract details and cost.


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Hi @lutami


Thanks for your post. 


I can confirm that you have renewed new contract end date is 31/05/2021 , and the Wifi Hub will be dispatched in a few days.


Sorry for any confusion.



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I got the same ''exclusive'' offer as the OP (which ive posted in the billing forum) and according to CS im not eligible for it either as my ''exclusive'' offer is available/was sent out to everyone.

Hardly ''exclusive'' is it? Yes im on faster fibre already, but it never stated that i was to upgrade, it was a lock in 2 year renewal contract for the same price as im already paying now, with a new super hub thrown in.


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Yes, received the email and stayed on the fibre service (didn't upgrade from broadband) - hence the email says "fix your Faster Fibre price AGAIN" - so I don't know why they are fobbing you off. 😞