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Getting frequent ping spikes in pc videogames

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Hi all, 


I play a pc fps called valorant at a high level and over the last 2 months I have been plagued by regular ping spikes mid game. These ping spikes can range from a spike from 20ms up to 80ms or can even go as high as 400ms in some cases. These spikes have led me be unable to play the game at the level I once did. I have tried many things such as resetting my pc, using a different ethernet cable, switching out my motherboard, gpu and ram, I have even just today installed new powerline adapters which did not solve the issue. I have been in contact with the games developer and they have been very helpful but were unable to solve my issue and instead suggested I contacted my ISP. Therefore I contacted talktalk who were also unable to detect any fault with my line and were unable to help me any further. 


I also used pingplotter to see if this issue was only related to the video games servers and not to do with my own connection. I ran a test from valorants IP and from googles IP at the same time. I got a very similar ping spike at the exact same time on both the goolgle and valorant servers which has led me to believe that this issue is in fact due to my connection and has nothing to do with valorants servers.

I have also used my pc at my friends house. While there I recieved no lag spikes whatsoever whilst playing the same video game.



If anyone has any help they can offer me that would be much appreciated. 




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Thanks for the reply!


Both of the servers I named in the last post are owned by talktalk and are based in the UK. Im not the best at reading pingplotter as I haven't been using it much but from what I can tell the ping spikes originate in the 2 talktalk servers im being routed through which then causes massive packet loss spikes in the destination (riot games). ping test for talktalk.png


 As you can see in the image above at 0:23am there are 2 ping spikes followed by packet loss on the riot server. However im not sure how the other ping spikes come about as they dont seem to follow much of a pattern.


I think I will try a VPN, I'll get back to you and say how it goes.


Thanks for the help!


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No problem, the info is fine...What hop are those servers on the routing? If it's a problem on a server mid routing then the obvious answer is to not route though that server but I don't think it's possible to control routing in that way, I think its probably automated. That's definitely something an OCE would need to advise on.


Also, if pingplotter gives you those server IP addresses try looking up the ip addresses to see where they are physically in relation to your location just in case you're being routed somewhere weird. If so that's again something an OCE would have to advise on.


Basically if the issue isn't at your end (1st/ 2nd hop) and isn't at riot's end then its somewhere within the network between the two and simply checking your line stats may well not pick that up.


You could try manually setting Goggle DNS or OpenDNS servers but i doubt that will help or try a VPN, you can get free trials, as that will effect routing





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Also im sorry if the info I gave isnt very good Im not used to using these programs so Im trying to make sense of it as i go


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Thanks for the reply!


They have known latency issues, however these are very different to what i get. Most of the issues are post death such as when you get headshot you get a stutter mid death animation. Whereas my issue is just while walking around even in private lobbies.


Pingplotter shows me all the stages of the packets and the high ping tends to start on the talktalk servers, notably & which then leads to packetloss at on the riot server . I have an example infront of me from 10 mins ago when i went into a private lobby where the ping spikes on the aforementioned talktalk servers to 290.21ms on the server and then spikes at 240.26ms on and then leads to a spike of 100% packet loss on the riot server. This makes the game totally unplayable as one minute I will be fine walking around and the next I will be walking into a wall.


Thanks again for the response!


Wise Owl
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I'd be kind of interested to know what the game devs said because Valorant has known latency issues.


Aside from that does pingplotter give you tracert info for the lag spike times? If so that would show you where the spikes are coming from. It could be anywhere on the route from your PC to the destination server.