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Go live delayed endlessly and no update given at all

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Talktalk is a joke . After being for years and years with Talktalk I recently changed home so I called Talktalk to take let them know . 

 I called them 2 weeks prior to changing home and they said my services will be live on 14/02/2019 . how ever I pluged on my old router  and broadband went live on 10/02 . very slow speed but OK let's wait for date 14/02 . on 14 my home phone started working and broadband went off so I thought this is time to plug new router On . NOTHING . no internet . I called Talktalk and they promised that services would go live by midnight . next day , Nothing . I called talk talk on 15/02 again and they said it may be new router fault !!! and they gonna send me a new one !!!! After asking some technical question to the girl on other side of phone she couldn't answer and she pass my call to her manager which tell me that its had not gone LIVE YET , and I have to wait till Monday as Openreach has to do their part . called on Monday and they said it could get done Tuesday , called Tuesday morning and they said will go live on Thursday 21 , called Tuesday noon and they said it may go live o Friday 22 but no garanty . I asked Order management manager whether my phone would work in mean time and she said NO , well my phone is already working I said to her how it comes phone its working but there is not internet . she said she didn't know that . can someone pick this up and give a clue why I should stay with Talktalk please ?