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Google mesh Birdge mode

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Hello everyone, i have set up my google wifi but the speed is very poor. I still have my existing TT wifi.

I have been told by google support that i need to switch on the brirdge mode but 1/ there seem to be contradicting information on this forum about this and 2/ I don't know how to siwtch on bridge mode; could you help?




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Hi alexdv,


How are you getting on, do you still need assistance?



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you could just get rid of the TT router. I have, my set up is a ZYXEL XMG3927-B50A (router/modem/gateway) linked via cat5e and cat6 cable to 2 x TP-Link Archer AX50`s routers (from Lan out of ZYXEL to WAN ports on Archer AX50`s) all setup as Keith says in AP mode. It works better than I used to have it (Lan to Lan).


Great all round house wifi now plus extra lan ports in other locations which is great 


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If you put the TT router into bridge mode (if that was even possible) you would have no internet access whatsoever. This is because you would be disabling all routing functions of the TT router. It would then be impossible to route IP packets from your local network to the public IP address of your WAN link. So the TT router must stay as a router.


This gives you two choices:-

  1. Enable bridge (might be called AP) mode in the Mesh. This will disable its routing capabilities if that meets your requirements.
  2. Leave both in routing mode & connect a LAN port of the TT router to a WAN Ethernet on the Mesh. The Mesh must be on a different IP network to the router, so any private network except The alternative is to change the TT router's IP address to a different one to the Mesh. This would be my preferred choice.

The only downside to choice (2) is that you will need to do double NAT translations if you use port forwarding. This is nowhere near as difficult as some people think, I do it all the time.

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i dont think you can put a TT router into Bridge Mode but i might be wrong (i use a 3rd party router which you can) just turn wifi off on TT router and put ethernet cable from it to other device