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HG635 vs HG633

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Hi all,


a few months ago we had some problems with HG635 router (after a 1-2 years of usage). Asked TT for help, they replaced it with HG633. Since then we are not that satisfied with its speed.

My family feeling is that it lower then the previous one. What is the difference between these two ?

Can I ask for replacement again and have HG635 back ?


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Hi andy555,


We no longer supply the HG635 router. Just to confirm, are you referring to the wired and wireless speeds?





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wireless speed

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Hi andy555,


Thanks for confirming this. Have you tried a few different wireless channels?


@KeithFrench - Can you offer any additional advice? 🙂




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Hi @andy555


Michelle has asked me to help you.


There has been quite a bit of criticism of the HG633 as far as wireless performance is concerned, this is generally made up of these issues:-


  1. Wireless errors - this is simply a red herring. It is a bug in the router's firmware that affects the way these errors are recorded. Whilst due to the very nature of the way WiFi works, it will never be totally error free, people wrongly assume that this affects the speed.
  2. Its WiFi performance is not as good as some routers, I would not try to deny that.
  3. The vast majority of WiFi problems can be vastly improved though by optimising the router, to get the best performance out of it.
  4. Some WiFi adapters in the WiFi connected devices, do not allow the best performance from the router to be utilised.

I can help with points 3 & 4 here.


Intermittent drop outs or breaks in signal might be caused by Wi-Fi interference from other local networks, which can also lead to a permanent reduction in speed. 


The HG633is a dual band router like the HG635 & offers both the older 2.4GHz & the newer 5GHz Wi-Fi bands. The problem is these are two different networks (SSIDs), but they share the same name, so you can't tell which one you are connected to. Log into the router ( and enter a username of "admin" using the unique router password (see the label on the rear of the router at the top). Go to "Customise my wireless network" and append "5G" to the network name of the "Wireless 5 GHz SSID" field. Then click "Save".


This will not improve your speeds, but it will make it much easier to identify the band you are connected to. This way you will know which band is causing your problems.

Generally speaking, the 2.4GHz band suffers much more from interference than the 5GHz band, but the 2.4GHz one can sometimes have a better range, but this all depends on your local area.

I can offer a lot more help with this issue if you require it.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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The 635 is older than the 633 and is obsolete. The 633 is obsolecent. The new offering is the D-Link 3782. This new one wont reach the 38mbs of the 633, topping out at 30mbs. TT know about this and dont care as they guarantee only 25mbs.

However, the D-Link 3782 is much more stable than the 633 which needs regular re-boots. This is fortunate as the D-Link 3782 takes nearly 5 minutes to restore. The 633 takes only a minute.

I know all this because..........

My 633 died a month ago and TT sent me a D-Link 3782. I complained and they sent me another D-Link 3782, then another D-Link 3782 !!!! I am waiting for a 633, but I expect another D-Link 3782 will arrive.

Utterly hopeless.







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Hi fivishtt,


You've probably been sent a 3782 because I don't think we have any stock at the moment of 633's




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Why was I sent two more D-Link 3782's when I already had one installed?

I had to send them both back. Two trips to the Post Office.

Why would you approve the D-Link 3782 for customer use knowing that it was unable to supply 38 mbs, only 30 mbs? There are many routers available which can do so much better. And you picked a duff one. You excell at annoying your customers!


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If a specific router is order but it isn't in stock then an alternative is sent. (sorry, don't know what you mean about it only being able to supply 30Mbps)


If you have an issue that you'd like us to look into can you please start your own thread







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I know it's been a while since this post was made, but I'm switching to fibre and I today (07/02/2019) received an HG635 router to replace my HG633 which I have had since 2017.


Have the problems with it been fixed?  If it affects anything, I am with TalkTalk Business.