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HP 7520 printer not connecting to new Talktalk home hub router

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Does anyone know how to resolve the connectivity issue I have with connecting an HP 7520 Photosmart printer to our new Talktalk home hub router ? It has occasionally connected up and we have managed to print the odd document but after trying various things I've hit a brick wall and it is so frustrating, it just either doesn't want to connect even though it 'sees' the router or connects out of the blue and then drops out... very frustrating.  

Many thanks


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Hi Winny5573


I'm really glad to hear that this is now working 🙂


Thanks for letting us know.




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My issue above has now been resolved after uninstalling and then reinstalling the HP software and associated drivers as advised so many thanks ! I must admit I had my reservations having already updated the software and drivers but it worked... 😄 👍 as soon as I did that and ran the wifi wizard it connected to the printer and the blue light on the printer has remained 'on' and not flashing ever since.

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Profile is now updated, thanks.


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Not this model, but I did have a similar issue with another HP printer and found it would only connect once I uninstalled the printer software and did a fresh install.


Up to date software and drivers can be found here.


Hope this helps.

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