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Having a Nightmare Getting my Fibre Order Through

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I have recently decided to leave Sky due to their price increase and decided that I would give TalkTalk a try as I like how it sounds like they are trying to make amends for previous bad press. So I placed my order last week.


I made the mistake of telling Sky to cancel my fibre first rather than letting TalkTalk do the takeover, which means that I have to wait for the Sky line to get cancelled before another provider could process an order. It is for this reason that my order apparently got rejected and stuck (although in my account it still says everything is running smoothly….).


I then called Sky to cancel my cancellation with them and now my line is available again for another provider to take it over.


The problem I have now is that my order is still stuck in the TalkTalk system despite speaking to CS numerous times. Apparently 4 different advisors have tried to cancel the order and by doing this it has caused it to get stuck in the system and now I need this to be escaled to another team and being told it will take up 7 working days for the order to be cleared!!! This seems crazy. For a start, why did it allow 4 different people to try and cancel? Why didn’t it alert the second person that a cancellation had already been requested….and why didn’t it just cancel on the first attempt anyway?!


Until this order is cleared I cannot place a new order. I only have a few more days left before I lose my right to leave Sky for free and also the TalkTalk offer that I saw ends tomorrow.


Can anyone help or have any suggestions how to get my order cleared ASAP rather than waiting another 7 working days?


I have been very patient so far and still feel I want to give TalkTalk a try, however after the farce of the current order im starting to lose the patience and tempted to just jump at the BT deal that’s currently available.


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Hi @adzyp


Ive been told it will take a few hours to update, but it has been cancelled. You could try and call our sales team to see if they can do it.  


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Thanks @Arne-TalkTalk . Im more confused now, when logging into my account it no longer says my order is in progress and it does let me initiate a new order. However its telling me you cant take over my existing line. I need to keep my number.


Is the order still in the process of being removed or does the issue lie elsewhere?


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Sorry that this is still ongoing, Im still waiting for an update back from Openreach, Apologies for the lack of updates. 


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It appears the help on here is just the same as the advisors on the end of the phone/chat. No clear end in sight, no willingness to help and clearly no passion or determination to try and get new business from a patient and willing customer....think my mind has been made up for me, I need to look elsewhere


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Morning @OCE_Arne, sorry to chase again, but is there any update on this at all? Its approaching my last day to cancel with Sky for free and also the offer for joining TalkTalk ends tonight


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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk, do you have any news?

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Thank you @Arne-TalkTalk much appreciated. Would love to get it sorted so I can get the ball rolling again


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Hi @adzyp


I will look into this for you and get back to you. Looks like the order is stuck in Openreach's system. 





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Just pop it in the Private notes box.

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Cant see where to put my order number?

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thank you


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If you would like the online support team to look into this for you make sure that your personal details including the order number are complete on your community profile here so that they can link your forum identity with your account and then wait for them to respond.