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Help With Seagem Fast router

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A couple of question on the Sagem Fast router


  1. How do i change the default  admin password?
  2. The DHCP range is set to to 254.  I dont seem to be able to change this. i woukd ike the range to start at 192.168.2.. Does anybody know how thisi can be done?
  3. Is there any way I can force devices which are capable to default to the 5Ghz wifi channel?  All my devices seem to be connecting to the 2.5Ghz channel although most can recieve on the 5Ghz .


Thanks for your help




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To change the admin password, go to:-


Dashboard > See internet settings > Manage advanced settings > Access control > User tab

Enter the old & new passwords in the following screen & click Apply.


To change the DHCP IP address range, go to:-

Dashboard > See Wi-Fi Settings > Manage Advanced Settings > TalkTalk Wi-Fi hub > DHCP

The choice over which WiFi band a device connects to is a decision made by the WiFi adapter of that device, not the router.


You could split the SSIDs (network names) so as they are different & then only connect the device to the 5GHz SSID, but if it can't connect for whatever reason, you would have to manually connect to the 2.4GHz band. Some WiFi adapters in a Windows PC support something called "Prefer 5GHz", but that doesn't mean it will never connect to the 2.4GHz band.




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