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Here we go again! Back with more problems....

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After many months of battling with Talk Talk we had our speed problems fixed last August. Ever since then the homehub would say speeds are 66.5MB Download. We do regular pretty much daily speed tests via a desktop PC, Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro via WIFI. Speed tests on those devices were all great at 63MB for the Xbox One X, 61MB for the Playstation 4 Pro and the PC 65.5MB. These speeds were consistent....until the last week or so. So, 6 months speeds have been good. Now speeds are flucuating and dropping quite a bit, as low as 38MB. I've turned the homehub off for 30 seconds and back on again but that hasn't fixed the problem. All devices are showing speed flucuations.


Back story of the problems we had last year in 2018. I will put this here as i don't want a repeat of what happened last year, no chance. And it may help with the current problems. So, last year speeds were bad. We contacted Talk Talk over 300+ times and kept getting conflicting answers, outright lies and sent round and round in circles for about 8 months. We ended up having 4 different CEO's work on our case and had 6 or 7 failed engineer appointments as engineers would never turn up. We would book time off of work and sit waiting around all day only for nobody to show up. This cost us a lot of money and wasted time, not to mention it caused my elderly father alot of stress and ill health. Eventually an engineer turned up. The engineer checked over everything and said everything in the home is perfectly fine, no problem. However.....he said even though the line passed the tests with his equipment, he could hear a slight fault on the line by ear when listening through the telephone. He then checked for a box in the ground outside of the home. Apparently there should be a box close to the home and then that box goes off to the cabinet. However....the box outside our home goes right down the street and around the corner. The engineer said that would be a hell of a lot of digging for the ground team to dig that up but he would send the ground team out to start digging. However, no ground team ever showed up (We have CCTV). Instead we had a CEO call us on a regular basis to keep checking back to see if our speeds had improved. He was in contact with us phoning us multiple times to check in over a 2 week period or so. I kept asking him why a ground team was never sent and he would never answer the question, he would just ask if speeds had improved and kept saying to just give it time i'm sure speeds will improve and he would call back in a day or 2 to check back in. He phoned about 8 times over a 2 week period. In the end our speeds miraculosly returned with no ground work done or anything done at our end. We were sent out about 6 of the old super routers and eventually one of the new homehubs. It wasn't until we got the new homehub and calls from the CEO did speeds improve. The CEO put it down to the new homehub and said that must have fixed the problem. And like i say, speeds have been great ever since then....until now....

We ended up winning compensation from Talk Talk due to all the trouble they caused us.  So, i wouldn't like a repeat of last year, please. Thanks. That thread from last year detailing last years problems:


I have added pictures of speed tests etc. You can see the dates bottom right of the pictures.Capturewifi speed.JPGjan209.JPGnow.JPGWIFIXMAS.JPG



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Problem still not solved and i'm being passed around from fault manager to fault manager. My current fault manager is away and speeds have gotten worse. I'm now down into single digits just 3MB. Why does it take Talk Talk so long to act and do anything? Its no wonder you get voted the worst customer services every year. TALKTALK SPEED TEST.JPG


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Hi Username_Unavailable


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults and your line is in sync at 66.4mb.


Please can you power down the router for a full 30 minutes and then run a wired speed test (with no other devices in use)