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Home move & website rubbish

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This may not be the correct section to air these subjects but I can't see anywhere better.

I have been trying to find what types of service TT are able to offer in the location (LN12 2BA) I am moving to.

At present I have FTTC ie VDSl. If I use I am redirected to a page which shows my offers etc. which is useless for my purposes. I am ex IT and can get over that problem. It appears from TT that only ADSL is available. On checking the Openreach website I can see that there is a waiting list for the cabinet.

Q1. What pressure is TT putting on OR to rectify this problem ?

Q2. What is OR actually doing to rectify the problem ?

Q3. What is TT doing to rectify the rubbish website ?


I have been a TT customer for many years with always good service but am considering moving to mobile home broadband as it would probably be a faster (4G) connection than ADSL.



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Fibre is simply not yet available sometimes and there's only so much capacity for each company at the cabinet, @jettalk.


We don't seem to be told when it's becoming available ever. It's always "watch this space" so you have to keep checking back.


If you simply cancel your account with Talktalk and don't move with them, there may be early termination fees if you are still in contract. Outside your contract they need 30 days' notice. 


If you take the service to the new house, Home Move has a £60.00 fee.


If you move with Home Move but take out a new TT contract that fee is waived. But you may not wish to have just Fast Broadband.....and it would kick the end of contract date much further down the road.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.