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Horrible internet speeds and problems

First Timer
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I had talktalks my isp for over than 9 years, I had constant problems with my internet and still continue to have problems to this day.

From slow internet speeds to having broadband dropping out numerous amount of times throughout the day for a long period of time ranging from half an hour to maybe even 2 hours.

For the first 7 years of being with talktalk i was promised tremendous speeds of so called '60-70 MBps' whilst receiving only 20 or less. Throughout that time i made numerous complaints regarding the internet speed and it was never resolved. I had engineers telling me that everything is fine and there might be problems with the electricity wiring of the house i used to live in and customer support telling me to do speed tests on a wired connection via ethernet cable where my wireless connection was promised to be "60-70 MBps", Even the wired connection via ethernet cable was getting around 20-30MBps.

After 7 years, i have finally moved house wanting to change my isp provider from talktalk to a different one but then i was promised a "better deal" where id get my so called guaranteed average internet speed of "65-72" MBps wirelessly for a cheaper price and a voucher and so i did accept the offer thinking it was the fault of my previous house i used to live in that had terrible speeds but ironically enough. The internet speed in my newer house is exactly the same to the previous one i used to live in. The same problems occur more often like the internet dropping out for a long period of time and yet talktalk isnt still the one to blame for all of this.

Throughout my whole experiance with talktalk is horrible. I wish id never continue my contract with them at all.


All i want from talktalk is to cancel my contract with no fees whatsoever because ive already suffered enough wasting my money on something i never received that i was always promised.



Support Team
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Hi lkowalski1978


I'm really sorry to hear this.


To place a cancellation you can call our Customer Loyalty Team during Business hours on 03451720046.


The line will be open from 9am - 7pm. You would need to state the reason for your call when prompted - cancel my service.






Community Star
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Speak to LOYALTY on 03451 720046, @lkowalski1978.


You will need to wait for preliminary messages to conclude. 


Staff on here cannot cancel for you, and they won't be on here before Monday. 


The phone lines are open till 6pm today. Closed Sunday. 


Chat is available over the weekend from here:


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.