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How to e-mail or talk to someone about a quote to leave TalkTalk and move to a different provider.

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Does anyone know how to contact TalkTalk directly, either via e-mail or phone, as I have a quote from another Broadband and landline phone provider, which is cheaper than my current TalkTalk costs, while giving me the same functionality. Since my current contract with TalkTalk expires next month, I want to speak to someone form TalkTalk, to see what TalkTalk can do, but I can't find a way to speak to someone about this.


£36.36 for 54-73 Mb/s fibre broadband and unlimited minutes to landlines and 1500 minutes to mobile phones, while I currently pay £41 for Broadband and unlimited minutes to landlines.


Thank you for any assistance with my question.



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@Therick_2 I am sure it will be fine when you call. Most posters report a satisfactory outcome after calling the loyalty team directly, do let us know how you get on. 

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Thank you for your help Grahamh123, Since I've been with Tiscali for well over a decade now, I just want to give them a chance to see if TalkTalk can do me a deal, although one of the problems I have with TalkTalk, is the difficulty in talking to someone for help, which is a bit ironic for a "communications" company.

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Slightly annoying that they add that on, but then give you a corresponding credit, it must just be a system thing. Glad that you seem to be sorted though. 

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Just checked my account and I see they have removed the Admin fee of £30 so I stand corrected.

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I called to give notice after seeing various offers from others as well as Talk talk's latest on Fibre65.  After I had accepted an offer from another supplier Talk Talk offered to give me a deal on Fibre65 with anytime calls thrown in free if I would change my mind. I agreed and cancelled the move only to find that Talk Talk charged me a £30 admin fee to do so. Really not happy about that so might move anyway now as I have a 20 day cooling off period. After trying so hard to make me stay why would they do that I ask.

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TalkTalk are currently offering Fibre 65 and free UK calls at £25, available until 7 July. 

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Thank you martswain.


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Call 0345 172 0046 and ask for the Loyalty Team


Lines are open Monday to Saturday, hours in the link below.


Live Chat is also available every day, again, link below, but not sure of they can offer deals on renewals.


There is no email support for renewals and staff here cannot assist with deals either.