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Huawei HG633 firmware update request

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I have recently upgraded to Fibre65 but cannot see any improvements, so I am wondering if this may help?


I have reset the router.


Hardware version:
Software version:
Many thanks,

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Hi rad81


Sorry for the delay.


I've checked and your router has the latest firmware version - v2.00t


Would you like me to send a replacement router for testing?






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No worries, sit tight and I am sure the support team will give you all the help you need. 


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Ok, thank you again!

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I honestly don't think that's an issue, but the support team will advise anyway. 


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Thank you for your help. I will update my details.


So going back to my original question. Would it be a good idea to upgrade the router's firmware anyway? 


Best regards


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OK, thanks for that. What were your previous speeds like? On the face of it, it looks like your line cannot support Fibre 65 so I am surprised that you were allowed to upgrade.


If you make sure that your personal details including TalkTalk landline number are complete on your community profile (click here) so that the online support team can link your forum identity with your account and then wait for them to respond. It will not be before Monday at the earliest, but rest assured they will look into this for you. 


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Thank you,


Please see below:


DSL synchronization status:
Connection status:
WAN IP Address:
Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:

Line Quality

Upstream line rate (kbit/s):
Downstream line rate (kbit/s):
Upstream noise safety coefficient (dB):
Downstream noise safety coefficient (dB):
Upstream interleave depth:
Downstream interleave depth:
Line standard:
Upstream line attenuation (dB):
Downstream line attenuation (dB):
Upstream output power (dBm):
Downstream output power (dBm):
Channel type:
DSL up-time:
0 days 1 hour 45 minutes 40 seconds

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Ignore all that, it is not relevant to your speed issue.


I have since found this:


  1. Open your browser and type in to go to the router admin page
  2. Now enter your router username and password. You can find these on the sticker on the back of your Super Router
  3. Choose Check my Internet Connection Status
  4. Under the Line Quality heading, you'll be able to see your Upstream line rate (upload speed) and your Downstream line rate (download speed)

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I also found this log. Perhaps it helps.


Date Type Level Log Content

15:53:02 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeCWMP:Cwmp post inform success.
15:52:37 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeCWMP or STUN parameter be changed.
15:52:33 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeCWMP inform message: acs connection ok.
15:52:33 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeCWMP inform message: event: 6 CONNECTION REQUEST.
15:52:33 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeACS userid make a connection request form to the CPE successful.
15:27:41 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeCWMP:Cwmp post inform success.
15:27:41 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeCWMP or STUN parameter be changed.
15:27:41 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeCWMP inform message: event: 8 DIAGNOSTICS COMPLETE.
15:27:41 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeIPPing diagnosistic is complete.
15:20:31 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeCWMP:Cwmp post inform success.
15:20:31 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeCWMP or STUN parameter be changed.
15:20:31 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeCWMP inform message: event: 8 DIAGNOSTICS COMPLETE.
15:20:31 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeIPPing diagnosistic is complete.
15:18:11 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeUser admin login from successfully.
15:10:21 05/12/2020SecurityWarningDROP FTP Request
15:06:39 05/12/2020WIFINoticeGalaxy-Note9-Wireless 6C:C7:EC:C8:30:75 is disconnected.
15:02:18 05/12/2020WIFINoticeGalaxy-Note9-Wireless 6C:C7:EC:C8:30:75 is connected.
14:27:36 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeUser admin login from successfully.
14:27:22 05/12/2020User LevelWarningUser admin from login failed unlocked.
14:27:06 05/12/2020SecurityWarningDROP TCP SAMBA Request
14:26:22 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeUser admin from login failed. Times of login failure overstep the max value.
14:26:22 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeUser admin login from failed. Password error.
14:25:56 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeUser admin login from failed. Password error.
14:25:54 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeUser admin login from failed. Password error.
14:25:08 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeCWMP:Cwmp post inform success.
14:25:08 05/12/2020User LevelNoticeCWMP or STUN parameter be changed.
00:01:29 01/01/2010User LevelNoticeCWMP or STUN parameter be changed.
00:01:27 01/01/2010User LevelNoticeCWMP inform message: url is changed.
00:01:27 01/01/2010User LevelNoticeCWMP inform message: event: 0 BOOTSTRAP.
00:01:27 01/01/2010User LevelNoticeCWMP inform message: event: 1 BOOT.
00:01:27 01/01/2010User LevelNoticeCWMP inform message: parameter change.
00:01:27 01/01/2010User LevelNoticeCWMP inform message: event: 4 VALUE CHANGE.
00:01:19 01/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_R_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
00:00:46 01/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
00:00:33 01/01/2010SecurityWarningDetect UDP port scan attack, scan packet from
00:00:33 01/01/2010SecurityWarningACCEPT UDP SAMBA Request
00:00:33 01/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
18:33:01 03/01/2010SystemWarningReboot: Factory reset by user Reset Button.
18:10:11 03/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
18:10:11 03/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
18:09:51 03/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
18:09:35 03/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
18:09:19 03/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
18:09:19 03/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
18:03:57 03/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
18:03:57 03/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
18:03:37 03/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
18:03:07 03/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
18:02:43 03/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
18:02:43 03/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
17:59:26 03/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
17:59:26 03/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
17:59:05 03/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
17:59:05 03/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
17:48:40 03/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
17:48:40 03/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
17:48:19 03/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
17:48:19 03/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
05:32:02 02/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
05:32:01 02/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
05:31:27 02/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
05:31:26 02/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
20:08:50 01/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
20:08:49 01/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
20:08:28 01/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
20:08:00 01/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
20:08:00 01/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
18:56:01 01/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
18:56:00 01/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
18:55:37 01/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
18:55:25 01/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
18:55:02 01/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
18:55:02 01/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
00:00:43 01/01/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
00:00:41 01/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
00:00:27 01/01/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
04:23:07 06/03/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
04:23:06 06/03/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
04:22:45 06/03/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
04:22:45 06/03/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
14:56:38 05/03/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
14:56:37 05/03/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
14:56:09 05/03/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
14:56:09 05/03/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
13:15:23 05/03/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
13:15:22 05/03/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
13:15:03 05/03/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
13:15:02 05/03/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
01:04:38 05/03/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
01:04:37 05/03/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
01:04:12 05/03/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
01:04:12 05/03/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
14:18:06 04/03/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
14:18:05 04/03/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
14:17:44 04/03/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
14:17:44 04/03/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
00:00:47 04/03/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 connected.
00:00:46 04/03/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is active.
00:00:26 04/03/2010SystemNoticeDSL connection is inactive.
00:00:02 04/03/2010SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_B_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)

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Please see the attached. Capture.jpgIs this it? 


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I cannot remember exactly, but you need to look for a page called DSL Connection Status, perhaps from the Maintain tab?

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H Ferguson,


Sorry, can you explain where can I see the "sync speeds" please. Is somewhere in router diagnostics? When I upgraded to Fibre 65 I was told that I will keep my old router and will not receive the WiFi Hub, which did surprise me a bit.


When I am doing the online test on TalkTalk website, I get internet speeds circa 15Mb and service says that it cannot detect my router and that my broadband connection could be improved.


I tried Router Diagnostics in the router settings using the and website addresses but router says that it cannot resolve the host name. Am I doing something wrong? 


Community Star
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Can you post the sync speeds from the router? Were you not supplied with a new Hub?