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Hub Router Randomly Drops Wired and WiFi Connected Devices

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I have had fibre connection and Sagem WiFi Hub for a number of years now with no problems.

FAST5364 3.00



Some months ago it started randomly dropping individual devices: sometimes a wired device and sometimes WiFi connected device: eg: wired YouView box or wifi iPhone, iPad, Sony TV, Macbook, etc.


When a device has been dropped, others seem unaffected and router/hub internet connection shows as operational on the hub maintenance pages etc.  


To get the dropped device to reconnect and function correctly we have to reboot the router or sometimes manually forcing the device to disconnect (on device itself) then reconnect may work but not always.  This occurred every few days or so and was tolerable, however, it is now every day and becoming frustrating.


I believe the hub/router is becoming unreliable after years of reliable service. 

Please could I be advised how to connect to the Technical Team to start investigations and probably order a replacement hub? I tried chat and phoning which are both seem to be unserviceable today.




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Hi MartinC2


Thanks for keeping us updated 🙂


If you do experience any further issues then please let us know.




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It's now a good few days after the settings were changed on the router.

It does appear to have improved the situation significantly although not perfect.


We have had one wired connection drop needing the router to be restarted, however, that is the only time s far.

Since we were having to reboot the router almost every day previously, this represents a much better situation and to my mind acceptable performance (i.e. one reboot in ten days).


Thanks for the help provided and I'll report back if the things start to regress, however, things seem good for now.


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Hi Martin,


Thanks for the update 🙂





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All good so far: early days yet so will report back again in next day or two.


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Hi MartinC2


Please let us know how you get on.






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Great stuff, thanks for that.

I will update the settings and see how it goes over the next day or two and report back.

Thanks again.

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Potential workaround for known DNS issue :


At present your router will be acting as the DNS server for all of your devices, so when the DNS stops working in your router your devices will lose internet access. However you could configure your router so that it just tells all of your devices to use the TalkTalk DNS servers directly, therefore your devices won't use the router as a DNS server, and so shouldn’t be affected if the routers DNS stops working.


If you wanted to try this you just need to follow the instructions for the 'Wi-Fi Hub' here (ensure you go to the screen described in this article, as there are two screens in the router where you can modify DNS settings, but you must change the settings on the specific screen described in this article for this potential fix to work).


If you have never changed these settings before you will probably find that the primary DNS server is set to (i.e. the router itself). You could change the settings as follows :


Primary :

Secondary :


These are the current preferred TalkTalk DNS servers (they are mentioned at the bottom of that webpage so you know they really are genuine TalkTalk DNS servers).


IMPORTANT : Having changed the settings you would need to make your devices disconnect and reconnect to the router (you could just reboot the devices or the router). When your devices have reconnected they will be configured to use those two addresses above as their DNS servers. So from that point on the devices will use the TalkTalk DNS servers directly rather than going via the routers DNS service.


Making this change may well resolve the issues for you, but if you do ever want to 'undo' this change all you need to do is put the old values back into that screen, or you could just factory reset the router by holding in the pinhole reset switch on the back for over 10 seconds, as that will return all settings back to their initial defaults.

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Thanks for the info .

I'm not sure it is the same problem as you suggest, however, I'd be happy to change the settings on the router since it will prove it one way or another and good to know.  

Please could you point me in the right direction for the settings?


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Hi @MartinC2,


The sort of problem you are having sounds like it might be related to a known firmware issue with the Sagemcom, TalkTalk are currently testing a new version of the firmware that will fix this DNS issue, no release date has been confirmed yet, but it may be towards the end of this month if all further testing goes smoothly.


Can't be 100% sure the issue you have is this DNS one, as for a lot of affected customers it causes all devices to lose connection, but some people have seen issues like this where random individual devices lose connection.


If you are comfortable with logging into the router and changing a setting then I could give you details of something you could do that might work around the issue (assuming it is this DNS issue affecting you) and stop it from causing this problem. If you would rather not do this then the staff here will be able to offer further help, they may be able to provide a replacement router of a different type for you. They should be able to respond to this topic tomorrow to help.