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Hub wont connect to network

First Timer

The go live data for my fibre broadband was meant to be monday, but since plugging the hub in all it has done is flash orange (with ocassional white and orange flashes). I've talked to the live team countless times who have just taken me in circles checking the same things (and often ignoring me altogether). I am unable to call to speak to a technician as whenever I type the landline number as requested, the automated system does not recognise it (it is definitely the right number). I have had the face plate off the master socket and I cant even see any wires in there that the hub would even be connecting t,o so am starting to doubt whether we even have the correct wiring to the house. If this isn't resolved soon, I am cancelling the direct debit! 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Abbierogers834,


I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with your service


Are you experiencing any problems with your telephone service? Do you have a dial tone? Any noise on the line?


Do you have another router you can test with?


First Timer

I dont have a landline I can test with but I just tried an old talk talk super router (the one that doesnt work is wifi hub fibre) and that worked. We do have a new router coming apparently, do you think that will work? 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Abbie,


That does sound strange. What is the make and model of the router that works? What speeds are you getting with this router? It could be related to the router so it's always good to rule this out.