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I have a complaint with the CEO team and had waiting on a call back for nearly a month

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Hi, I raised a complaint in December regarding speeds, I didnt get the compensation i thought was suitable for the amount of time it's been on going. 

I asked it to be raised to management and I heard back to be told different things on different occasions. 
I then wrote a letter and also asked verbally on a call to have this highlighted to your CEO team. 
I then received another call offering me £50 but I believe that after you admitting for a long period of time the issue would be resolved and not offering to compensate me even though you're in breach of contract that I decided to decline this in the hope of resolving it with the CEO and gaining the compensation i believe i am entitled to. 

It's been over a month since i sent the letter to the CEO team and also asked to be connected with them to still no have heard anything back. 

Please can someone from the CEO team please make contact with a very stressed and unhappy customer that has decided not to go to OFCOM or cisas to resolve the issue in the hope i would get a more satisfactory outcome on this situation. 

I look forward to someone using their initiative for once in NOT SO TALK TALK and getting in touch with me to TALK TALK about this issue. 🙂



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Hi kulash123,


You should be contacted within the next 5 working days.




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Both organisations provide their rules for considering a complaint on their redrespect websites.  In the case of CISAS you have to wait at least 8 weeks from your original complaint, unless you get a deadlock letter.   I don't know if there is an outer time limit but it shouldn't be an issue if the complaint is ongoing.


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Is there any time frame on that at all?


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@kulash123  I suggest if you are still not satisfied with the progress of your complaint you check-out talktalk's complaints code (there should be a link at the bottom of the page).  If your complaint is over 8 weeks old to can take it to the CISAS for independent arbitration.  There is also a European route available at the moment, although that could soon change.


Support Team
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Hi kulash123


I have escalated your complaint to our CEO's Office and you will be contacted by a Complaints Manager as soon as possible.






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As you have an open complaint with the CEO's office, the staff here can it respond.


They may be able to pass your message on, so I have escalated this for you, but your best route is to phone or contact them direct.

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