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I was told line was live on the 24th Nov, no internet yet.....!

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I was told line was live on the 24th November but there is still no connection on our line!

We had an engineer booked to arrive today between 1-6pm and no one arrived!

We need to have the internet ASAP as this is a disgraceful service

How can we get our internet turned on immediately, we have waited long enough and losing income as we cant work!!!! terrible



Ive heard bad things about Talktalk, but now i have experienced it first hand. I wouldn't recommend your company


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Closing as duplicate thread, I have posted on your other topic on the Community.


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Hi @Aimun,


One of the staff here on the community responded to your original post (here) this morning. It might be best to stick to that thread and reply there, as that will probably get you help sooner as the staff here have already picked up that topic.

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Its probably best if I just find another better service provider and leave a review of my experience with TalkTalk (Zero out of ten for wasting my time).

Didnt send an engineer, we waited all day after now having internet for 5 days after the date we were supposed to.


Talktalk is an absolutely abysmal service. Nobody helps, they don't care about customer service or keeping to their promise to get their services up and running,


Switching to Virgin briadband ASAP. Good riddance Talktalk, you have cost me enough