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Incorrect Address showing when trying to upgrade

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Wasn't exactly sure which was the right board for this so apologies if this is wrong.


I've been having an issue when trying to upgrade our package where it doesn't seem to be able to find our home address correctly. The same problem appears when looking at other providers sites too - the address finder recognises the postcode but then lists the wrong address. 


This is especially confusing because we've been with talktalk since we first moved to this address years ago and never had any issue, so something has changed recently for this to have become a problem. It's not a new build either.


I have already spoken to Openreach, they acknowledge there's an issue but just told us we'd have to talk to our provider about it. The Royal Mail address finder gets us no problem, however. 


Having had a look around, I don't know if something called an 'ORDI request' needs to be done to correct the address? Unless I've misunderstood what that's for, obviously. 


I appreciate any advice you can offer, 


Thanks, Lorraine.


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Thank you!

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I'll re-escalate this thread for you, @LHunter.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi, I've been checking around and unfortunately the address still isn't showing correctly. 


Is anyone able to update me as to whether the ORDI request has been dealt with? 


Thanks, Lorraine


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Hi LHunter,


Thank you - have sent you a PM to take some details to verify your account, we'll then be able to escalate this for you.






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Hi there, I think I've done that correctly! Let me know if there's something I need to change.


Many thanks, Lorraine

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Hi @LHunter


Can you add your full address to your private notes section of your community profile and I can request an OrdI for you 


Thank you 

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Hi @LHunter your request has been escalated but it does seem to be languishing so I've asked  Amazing @Arne-TalkTalk to take a look.


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