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Intermitent Broadband Speed, Especially in Evenings

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Our current speed tonight (14th Feb) is varing from 6 to 10mbps - and then every so often it climbs up to a correct speed - it is so inconsistant. It has been intermittent on a regular basis the last few weeks at least. Last night it went down to between 2 and 6mbps! Evening are so bad at times.


We signed up for a new contract for 50 to 75mbs in January as our old one was finishing, however after we were signed up automatically without being contacted, then we were told with our line, we could only get 49mbs. 


We however were unable to reach 49mbs at the time, as we could only get a max of around 35 to 45 — 35mbs was more typical (which often still is). This was pretty much the same as the previous TalkTalk contract we had for lesser money. We were also promissed a new router for the new contract, but that never happened.


We spent over an hour talking to different people from TalkTalk, some in India, another in South Africa. It was quite anoying to be told that we had to be next to the router (literally) or connected via ethernet, or that we had a lot of devices in our home, and although not in specific use, they would be draining the amount of bandwidth we recvieved (obviously). We even had to switch all wifi devices off in the house to prove the poor speeds! Even though we are sure that all our incoming speed details are recorded somewhere naturally with TalkTalk.


An engineer came out on 6th January to attempt a fix. He was here for 10 minutes and replaced our telephone socket, which was only installed brand-new by Open Reach 4 years before. However he insisted that the sockets need changing every 2 years or so, which we know isn't the case.


He insisted on seperating our wifi bands without asking, which after he left, caused major issues with all our devices, our phones couldn't manage more than 6mbps. We had to change this back on the router ourselves to fix the issues. 


He told us before leaving we now had 50mbs! - (via ethernet connected directly to his laptop with a lead that must have been less than 1 metre). He also said that we shouldn't be surprised if our speed didn't increase by another 5 bmps over the next week or so.


He bragged about how he had recently taught so many new engineers lately for TalkTalk. But then he did not check the wifi strength anywhere in our home and left. The engineer constantly appologised for swearing throughout his visit, as he couldn't seem to stop himself as he said he was from Dublin orignally apparently - even in front of our kids. We're not adverse to swearing, but it's not professioinal obviously.


We were charged £40 for this sham service. This we would obviously want refunding. 


We have constantly struggled to meet the suggest 49mbs since, commonly only reaching it on odd occasions. In the daytime, it can shoot up to a massive 55, or 60 (albeit for a few minutes). Typically only around 40mbs max when working consistently.


We are very upset with the poor services and the great difficulty in contacting Talktalk as the only method is to telephone - the chat system never appears to work anymore whenever we try it's always unavailable, is ther actually anyone there?


We contacted TalkTalk Saturday (13th) evening regarding the terrible connection (just after 9pm) - it was automated, only to be texted back that our line was fine.


We then sent a complaint email to TalkTalk's complaints department, but then recieved an email back that was obviously a standard printed message (albeit in poor English) that we should use TalkTalk Chat or telephone!


Annoyed customer.


Support Team
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Hi TheCatInTheSky,


Apologies for the delay. Line test is passing and router is in sync at 66.4Mbps. I'm sorry to hear of your poor experience, would you like me to raise a complaint on your behalf to our CEO's Office?



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OK, thanks for that extra information. This has been flagged up to the support team, give them a couple of days or so to respond. 

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no the speed is dropping drasticly in the evenings with either ethernet or wifi, it doesn't matter which. Last night it went down to 2mbps for 30 minutes, and fluctuated constantly, up to 8, then 10, back down, eventully it went back up to a reasonable speed so we could watch Netflix for 9:30pm. It changes so much it's near impossible to give an accurate figure in the evenings.


The speed also fluctuates when we do a speed test when it's working well in the daytime, it can jump constantly. Just now it was between 43 up to 60 while doing the test - averaged out at about 62 via ethernet and 54 via wifi (1 metre from router).


If only we could get a reasonable speed like this in the evenings!


But as I said the evenings are terrible and you never know if you can use the internet or not. Worst time seems to be around 8pm to 9:30pm GMT.


If we are paying for 49mbps (50 to 75 fibre), we would assume that we should get something close whether it's daytime or evenings. In the evenings the kids are in bed, and not much bandwidth is being used, so it's not like it's being maxed out. We just want a stable connection like anyone.


The engineer that came was also an issue, but we've no idea how to sort this situation to get our money back. We've had more issues from his visit than before he came.


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@TheCatInTheSky From what you say your issues seem to be mostly wifi related, is that the case?

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I don't want to annoy you any more, but I am hoping this helps a little.

If in doubt please ask.

There is a SYNC speed that is usually quoted, and/or guaranteed by an ISP as part of your BB contract.

My figures are in high 70's and Upper teens, with the MGALS/HandBack threshold speed of 67+ Mbps, although my actual thru speed seems only to be mid-to-high 30's.

AND then here....

You are connected to cabinet 00. Your line length (from the exchange) is approximately 3454 meters (sic).

G.Fast broadband up to 160Mbps
G.Fast is available with an estimated downstream speed of 265.3 to 330Mbps. For the time being, we are limiting G.Fast speeds to a maximum of 160Mbps.

"Superfast" VDSL (Fibre to the cabinet) up to 80Mb/s
VDSL uses the phone line copper pair to connect to a modem in the street cabinet and then typically glass fibre to connect back to the exchange and on to us. As this uses less copper wire it provides faster download speeds than ADSL, but costs a little more. For your location, forecast download sync speed is 74-80Mb/s and forecast upload sync speed is 19-20Mb/s.

ADSL broadband up to 5.1Mb/s
ADSL uses the phone line copper pair to connect to a modem at the telephone exchange. For your location the forecast download sync speed is 2.8-5.1Mb/s.

Talk Talk may only be offering some, all or n0ne of the above to you.


The above is to establish what Openreach should be able to attain, and then what TT offer.