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Intermittent dsl light om openreach modem - broadband kreps dropping out

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For the last two weeks our broadband connection has been dropping out every few minutes. The DSL light on the open reach modem starts flashing, then it goes solid, and broadband comes back for a few minutes. Then it drops out again. The telephone line is full of crackling noise as well.


I disconnected all equipment except the open reach modem, talk talk router, and plugged one phone to the main socket (all other phones and Ethernet cables to other parts of the house disconnected). Still, the problem exists. 


I have done the line test in the TalkTalk service area, and it says there might be a fault with the broadband connection.


I haven’t been able to open a Chat with anyone from TalkTalk support, and am getting a bit desperate. I have students in the house, and they are dependent on internet connection to view lessons to prepare for their upcoming exams. I keep having to buy data for their mobile phones so that they can use those as hotspots. 


I think I need a BT Openreach engineer, but, as I cannot get hold of any TalkTalk support staff that is proving difficult. Can anyone advice?


Many thanks!


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Hi julieHB,


That's great news, thanks for letting us know 



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I’m glad to report that the fault(s) have been fixed! There was a fault in the connection box outside in the street. The engineer also suspected there was a fault in the cable from the box to the top of the post, and that was replaced the following day. Hurray! 😊


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Hi Julie


Thanks for your reply.


Please let us know how you get on.




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Hello, @Debbie-TalkTalk 

Yes, I was going to let you know that I finally got through on Chat earlier today, and an engineer is coming tomorrow. Really looking forward to getting it sorted!!! 😊



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Hi Julie


Sorry for the delay.


It appears that the this fault has been raised to Openreach and an engineer visit has been arranged for 12/01/2021 PM (1pm - 6pm)


Please let us know how you get on following this visit.






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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk , @Michelle-TalkTalk 


I don’t think there is any point in sending me a new modem if there is a fault in the line. There are crackling noises in the landline phone, and the broadband is intermittent. When I am able to connect to the internet the download speed is less than 5mb/s , and upload speed is less than 1mb/s. With a 40mb/s contract that is well below acceptable.


I have put a micro filter in the test socket. There is a phone connected, but when I tried to connect the BT Openreach modem to the data socket in the micro filter the dsl light didn’t light up at all.  Maybe you can test the line again?





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Hi julieHB


Would you like me to send you a new router for testing?






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Hello, @Michelle-TalkTalk ,

It’s a DSL-3780 broadband Wireless N ADSL2+ Router. It’s connected to the BT Openreach modem with an Ethernet cable. This is the original TalkTalk router we got when installing TalkTalk fibre broadband.


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Hi Julie,


Apologies for the confusion, what is the make and model of router that you have connected to the Openreach modem please?





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Hello @Michelle-TalkTalk , and thanks for replying. I’m not at home until later, but I can then do as you request. 

There is a test socket inside the master socket. Just to clarify, do I need to connect it to the BT Openreach modem, or to the TalkTalk router?


Ill let you know as soon as I have done as requested. 


Julie 🙂


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I had the same issue with mine as well, the engineer that came to see mine said it was a faulty router which I am just waiting for the replacement to arrive now. I hope you can get yours sorted!


I had to go through a lot of live chat checks as well so it's not just you with the issue you'll be glad to hear!! 🙂

Support Team
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Hi julie,


I'm sorry for the delay. I've run a test on the line which has detected a possible fault which would require an engineer visit to the property. Just to confirm, does your master socket have a test socket? If it does then would it be possible to connect the microfilter and router at the test socket so we can re-run the line test again please?





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Hello @Skynet_TX , and thanks for your reply. 

I will try to reach support through chat again, as I don’t know what else I can do myself. Hopefully someone will be able to help soon 🙂

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Hi @julieHB,


The staff here will respond to help, but it may take them a working day or two to get to this topic, it would be worth persevering with the live chat too, as they will be able to help if you can get through.


It would be best to not post again in this topic until the staff here reply, as adding new posts can delay this topic from moving up the queue.