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Internet keeps cutting out

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Right, I received a new router because, apparently, the old problem where the speed was extremely volatile after 7pm is solved from the new router. But now after 7pm the Internet connection, rather than being volatile with the speed, now just cuts out altogether! I can't win with your broadband! Its either going down to kbps, or now just cuts out altogether 


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Hi solserchr,


I've replied on your other thread



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Why was the appointment missed by OPENREACH?


Why was there no communication passed being told by yourselves that the engineer called a day AFTER the scheduled appointment? 


Why am I paying for a disrupted service where the Internet cuts out after 7pm?


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I'm just responding to this as I just received an email from you, talktalk, saying that an engineer has been and "resolved" the issue. Even though I was called by your rep on Thursday of last week saying the engineer couldn't resolve the issue as I wasn't at the property. And I haven't been at my home since Saturday. So, how has the engineer "resolved" the issue exactly? I can't test the system until I'm back home on Wednesday so I can't even confirm if what I've been told is true. Because again I was told the engineer had been aorund but as I wasn't there, he couldn't resolve. Bot now, even though I haven't been home since Saturday, I'm now being told the engineer has resolved the issue. So, which 1 is it??? 


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I'm sorry to hear this. We've now posted on your other topic.





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Well, the visit was scheduled for between 1 & 6pm. I took a holiday half day off from work and I've been home since 1pm, yet  nobody from Open reach has visited! No phone call and no message passed a text message yesterday reminding the visiting time for today! 


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Do update us after the Openreach engineer has been out to you.





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I spoke over the phone, finally, to somebody who has arranged open reach to visit at the earliest convenience of next week. The Internet cuts out altogether, on both wired and Wi-Fi. The router LED doesn't flash. I only have the router that was sent by you to replace the other 1that was disrupted because of the consistency of restarting. Which has only highlighted how there is an issue with the network around a specific time frame being from either 7pm or 8pm, and changing the router has made minimal difference: going from extremely slow and volatile speed to just cutting out altogether. Maybe old network can't handle the modern technology at either end. Either way open reach are finally coming next week. I just deeply hope this issue can be resolved as I've dealt with it for far too long, and it's taken a long time, with multiple and multiple attempts to get this far. 


But thank you for getting some progress. Let's hope it can solve the issue


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@Michelle-TalkTalk, this appears to be duplicating work on this thread:


Running concurrently!


Duplicate thread. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

Support Team
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Hi solserchr,


I'm really sorry to hear this. Can I just confirm before I pass this over to our Network Team, when there is now no connection after this time of an evening, does this affect all devices wired and wireless? Do any of the lights change on the router when this happens? Have you tested both the Sagemcom and the Huawei Wifi hub?


As soon as we have confirmed this then I will escalate this over for further investigation.





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The fact that I said a new router is involved might indicate a bit more,  perhaps, perhaps not apparently. 


It's the whole going back and forth and resetting the router for either 30 seconds or 30 minutes that has caused the router to need to be replaced. But! But now the initial problem causing the reset method is still at the root of the network issue. Except that it is now cutting out altogether rather than just reducing the speed from mbps to kbps. 


I've shared screens shots, I've spoken with talktalk reps, and yet the issue remains: after around 7pm or 8pm the connection has gone from being extremely volatile (prior to new router) and dropping to kbps, to now just cutting out altogether. 


Again, I would reset the router a few times every evening that this occurred, but the issue just stayed. And rather than continue getting no response from talktalk, I just dealt with it and continued with the whole router reset process. Until I'd had enough and tried again to make contact with talktalk. This time they send a new router, and during the day time it is stable. But now the connection, after 7pm or 8pm, just cuts out. During the day time it is around 30mbps and very stable. I can stream and download without any issues from say around 2pm until aorund 8pm. And for 2 evenings running now, since getting the new router, after 8pm the Internet connection cuts out altogether. And it does it again and again. 


Surely this should be enough indication that there is a network issue! 


Prior to new router after 7 or 8pm the connection would go extremely slow, from mbps to kbps. Now with the new router after 8pm the Internet connection just cuts out altogether, again and again. Now, I'm trying not to go with the whole reset router thing, but something really needs to be done, please! 


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Hi @solserchr


I was only trying to help, perhaps if you spill what knowledge you have regarding what you have and have not done then maybe you may get more than the basic reply.




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That whole routine of restarting the router is only a temporary fix. Temporary at best. Temporary to the point of where you're constantly doing that restart method where it causes the router to become less functional. The issue is the network, either the cabling or something else because of it being old perhaps. All of the new technologies, yet the cabling and network box is from before fibre


Whizz Kid
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Can you please try a full 30min power down of the router and post back