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Internet outages, daily from 07/12/21 for a couple of weeks, then less frequently since

Whizz Kid
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Is Talktalk able to determine whether short daily internet outages most days on my line starting around 7th December for a week are due to ISP or Openreach issues? Continuing occasionally but less frequently during the following weeks, maybe once or twice a week.
Is there a network log, other than the router log, which would show the outages?
I'm trying to confirm or eliminate my (non-Talktalk) modem/router as the source of this problem, before I return it to the supplier as potentially faulty. The router logs don't provide any information that helps, other than a DDNS service related message confirming internet connection was lost, but no clue as to why.
On each affected day, the internet light on my router would turn from white (normal) to red (no internet), whilst the DSL light would remain white (normal). It would always remain red until the router was restarted. Restarting the router would always re-establish the internet connection. I think this suggests a service issue rather than a modem/router issue, but would like to be sure if possible.
The router is not a Talktalk model, as I need a wi-fi 6 modem/router for better compatibility with my laptop and other new devices.

Windows, Android, Synology NAS

Support Team
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Hi davecm


Tests are clear and show no drops or interference patterns with the line.




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Community Star
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You do not need a router to be compatible with WiFi 6 to connect your laptop and other new devices to. Your devices will all be backwardly compatible with the TalkTalk router you were presumably supplied with originally. 


The problem will, as you say, either be down to your router or the line, you can get the line checked yourself via this Community by going to:-


Community > Help with your service > Service Status Dashboard > Visit Service Centre > Test my line


Please can you connect your router directly to the test socket located behind your master socket's removable faceplate via a new microfilter?


If still bad there, please connect your TalkTalk router in place of your 3rd party one to prove if your own router is faulty.


If you then leave the TalkTalk router in place for the time being, this will allow the TalkTalk support staff on this forum to monitor your TalkTalk router & line to find the cause of the instability.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
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