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Internet problems [Slow Internet + High Latency]

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Hello everyone! I just realized TalkTalk has such a nice forum! Unfortunately, I've been having some problems and I'd like to talk about them here.


Let's start from the beginning, I've been a TalkTalk customer for about 5 years now. Since I had to move out and rent a new apartment I have sent a move-out request since I always had positive experiences with the internet. This ended with the new installation.


I had to wait a couple of weeks for the Engineer to come into the new apartment.


01/06/2021 - The Engineer came late (very late) around 6.45 pm where he first came into the apartment and tested few things. He then left me to go to the cabin where he said it would take him around 40 minutes to sort everything out. He comes back saying that he has bad news, the cabin was a mess and "destroyed" and he couldn't call a team to fix it as it was already too late. I ask him what he would do next, he says that he would come first thing the next morning with a team to fix it. On this same day he tells me that the specs will be 80mbit in download and 20mbit in upload (similarly to what I already had at the previous apartment).


Now the nightmare starts.


02/06/2021 - The Engineer doesn't show up and I am almost 4 hours in the chat trying to explain the problems. I speak with a manager that reassures me that an Engineer will come on 04/06/2021 to fix all the problems the cabin has and finally have internet. Beforehand, one of the employees in customer services tells me to try to connect to the internet anyway in the evening as it might work. I do that, and surprisingly there is connection - even if very weak. The specs are around 15mbit download and 0.6mbit upload (terrible), but that's not the worst part. There is huge latency with ping going over 300ms and with a jitter that goes over 30ms. Let's say that this is an impossible situation for any user. I tell myself that everything will probably be fixed with the appointment on the 4th, so I leave everything as it is and I'm just waiting for the day to come.


03/06/2021 - I received a message (SMS) stating: "Your Fibre Broadband appointment date has changed to 03/06/2021. The engineer will arrive between 08:00-13:00 and will spend up to three hours setting things up." Well, it's now 17:17 and no one showed up (again!). So, I chat with customer service here on the website, where one of the advisors told me that he booked another appointment for tomorrow (04/06/2021). Hopefully, the engineer will show up this time and have everything fixed?


Did anyone have any similar experiences?

How can a cabin be so messed up and be so hard to get it fixed?


I would even be happy to have a slow internet connection but low and stable latency (300ms ping and such a high jitter ARE IMPOSSIBLE to have, literally nothing is working and I can't do anything more than just browsing).


Ping goes from 20ms to 300ms every 5-10 seconds, up and down, up and down.

High jitter is a consequence of this.


Considering that the apartment is basically at the CENTER of Greenwich, I find this even more unbelievable. There are flats 5 meters from here with 900mbits.


Ping Test:



Please, any admin that can help me with this? I would appreciate it immensely.





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Ok thanks for confirming. Please let us know how the speeds compare and if there is any improvement over the weekend.


Thanks 🙂


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Yes, it is on. An Engineer should fix the problems at the cabin between 8:00 and 13:00 today. So he's probably working on it right now while we speak here. Hopefully, he fixes it and everything gets sorted!

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Thank you. Is the router currently switched on?





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Hello Michelle,


Support Team
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Can you please update your community profile to include your:

  • TalkTalk Telephone number

We'll then look into this further. Please do not post this information on this thread. Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated. 





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