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Whizz Kid
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First the good news we received our new Huawei router to replace the Sagem thank you. However we are still having issues with our internet.


I ran a line test this morning which said we believe there may be a problem with your, but then got a text to say it was working as it should.


I have just done a speed test (using TalkTalks speed test) and have an download speed of 4.6 mps  and an upload speed of 9.9 mps using a wired ethernet connection! Given we are on Fibre 65 this seems very slow! We continually have problems with pages loading on our tablets, laptop and desktop.


I am not sure what to try next, but there seems to be a problem despite the tests more often than not saying that there isn't! Any help or advice would be gratefully accepted!


Many thanks Dave.


ps I have tried to contact livechat, but that is not connecting either!


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Hi Debbie


I think so somewhere in one of the many drawers of computer bits and pieces! 😂 I had not thought of that, I was going to try the cable again now it has been disabled for a while in case it was the box not talking to the computer, it used to work fine and produced much better speeds!


Thanks for the help and advice at least we are back up to the speeds we had and at least the desktop works wirelessly! I will try another ethernet cable and if that works I can ditch the one I have!


Take care and stay safe! BW Dave. 

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Hi Dave


Thanks for your reply.


Do you have a spare ethernet cable that you can test with?


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Hi Michelle


I have just got home and run some more tests the result are interesting. My Google Notebook tablet is showing speeds of 35.5 and 10.4, my Huawei tablet speeds of 33.4 and 10.3 both are connected wirelessly, previously they were showing the speeds I indicted earlier. My HP Desktop which is wired via the ethernet is showing speeds of only 12.1 and 6! Which is odd given a wired connection is deemed better than wifi this seems to suggest that there is an issue with the ethernet connection.


Okay so I disconnected my ethernet and have connected by wifi and the desktop is now showing speeds of 35.6 and 10.2! This confirms that there must be an issue with the ethernet! Any suggestions as to what it could be would be appreciated! I only connected via the ethernet because I believed it was more stable than wifi!


All the best Dave.


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Thanks for trying this. This still looks low based upon the sync speed. Are you seeing the same speeds on more than one device?





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Hi Debbie


Yes I have powered the router off for the full 30 minutes the speeds have improved marginally today with the wired connection showing 12.2  download and 8.1 upload, this is the first time for a while that the download speed has exceeded the upload speed! However it is still a long way short of the guaranteed minimum! I will continue to monitor it over the next few days and see if it improves.


Many thanks Dave.


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Hi Talman


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults and the line is in sync at 38.7mb.


Did you power down the router for a full 30 minutes?






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Hi Michelle thank you. I did a speed check when I arrived home today  and it showed  a download speed of 6 and an upload speed of 8, I have not had speeds that low since I had dial up!  We live not far from a box and have had average speeds in the high 20's to mid 30's and sometimes much higher. I will give it the 72 hrs and see if it improves, but there would appear to be an issue somewhere! Particularly as the speeds are on a wired ether net connection and we are continuing to have problems with our tablets to WiFi, which has never been a problem until recently. 


I will keep you posted, take care and stay safe. BW Dave. 


Support Team
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Ok thanks for the update. Please let us know how you get on and if you need any assistance.





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Thanks for your response. No I have tried that. I did manage to get through to livechat and they have run a series of tests and reset things, but it could be 72 hours before I know if it has done the trick!


All the best Dave.


Community Star
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Hi @Talman seems daft but now your new router has run for a while  have you tried a 30 minute router reboot this often improves things?

Your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear soon but please remember that the staff here work office hours.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.