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Is Fibre 35 pretty much the same package deal as Faster Fibre from 2020 ?

Whizz Kid
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Hi there , I just need help making a decision,

A couple of week ago I got an email notifying me my 2 year Faster Fibre Deal from 2020 will be expiring soon and will be going from £24 a month to £34.


The email says you can leave things how they are with Faster Fibre , or you can take this newer package called Fibre 35 for £22 per month for 2 years.


It's sounds pretty similar to the Faster Fibre Package we took in 2020 , I just wanted to ask here before we decided to accept the offer.


There doesn't seem to be much information in specific about the contract and features of Fibre 35 on the website and it mentions full details will be given to you after you accept the offer. It's a little vague on specific details , not much is really mentioned.


But it does sound like to me it is just the same deal as Faster Fibre , just under a different name , is that correct ?


If I move onto Fibre 35 , will I get the same internet speeds , unlimited downloads/uploads usage and same landline rental as Faster Fibre?

Please let me know if this is the case , as I don't really want to lose any of the things I am already have on my current package if possible.

I should get the same speeds I am currently getting , nothing is really going to change physically in my connection when I move onto the new package right ?


I am slightly worried I might lose a little speed , as at the moment on a good day , my router/hub can sync to a maximum of 40Mbps download sync rate ( That's the maximum capped rate on the faster fibre package) .  And I am a little worried with name Fibre 35 , whether that means the maximum cap rate would be reduced to 35Mbps instead of the 40mbps on Faster Fibre.


Please confirm that there will be no changes in maximum download speed cap from the Faster Fibre Package when moving to the Fibre 35 Package.


Also will there be any one off fees in moving from the Faster Fibre package to the Fibre 55 Package ? I presume not , since it sounds like pretty much the same package , am I correct ?


Also I will still use the same equipment : The hub/router I was given with the Faster Fibre Package in 2020 , is that correct ? Also there will be no disruption in service when moving onto the new contract , right ?


I just wanted to fully make sure before I accept . Because Fibre 35 did sound like the same thing to me as the Faster Fibre package in 2020.


I am not sure if the deadline for the offer will still be open for me. The email came two weeks ago , our contract ends on the 18th. I am not sure if there is a deadline to accept the offer , if the price of £22 a month will still be available to me now , even though the email was from a while ago.


I've also clicked the offer link to see if there was more info, but then decided canceled , because I wanted to double check here on the forum from an official response.


I am not sure if the link would be still valid a second time for the offer , but if I decide I want to accept the offer after I get an explanation , could I get some help in accessing the offer again , if the offer link is no longer valid a second time after cancelling ? (Thanks if you can help , if I need it)


So there is no real benefit at all to stay on the Faster Fibre package if I am right ?

There is nothing missing on the Fibre 35 Package when compared to the Faster Fibre Package, everything should be the same, just a cheaper price ?


Also am I understanding right it should stay at around that low price of around £22 per month for the next 24 months if I accept , right ? Please let me know.


Thanks for anybody who can help.The more questions from the above you can answer , the better.

I hope to make my decision this week after I get an official answer/response.


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Yeah , thanks , I checked again , I didn't realize the year changed from 2022 to 2024 .


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Thanks for letting me know. I think everything should be fine now.


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Hi @LowQuality


I can confirm that the deal you agreed with the loyalty team is the latest on your account, starting 18.02.22, overriding the all others. 


Hope that helps

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@LowQuality ,

has your contract end date changed in MyAccount? That should indicate to you whether or not your new contract has taken effect I would have thought.

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Hi Chris ,

Thanks for replying . I managed to speak with the Loyality team today. I'm glad I got through to them right away.


I think they didn't see any activity on the account either , so I am unsure if the link offer was still valid by the time I interacted with it.

I think the Loyality Team Member mentioned the offer looked expired , but I think she said something along the lines , that there still might be a possibility activity on the account might delayed and maybe not be processeduntil 48-72 hours later from clicking it too. I'm not sure if I got that correct or not.


In any case we decided to sort out a different deal instead over the phone , which is some ways is a lot better than what was offered in the email.


If any activity/confirmation from the email click does show up later , I hope it doesn't cause any conflict with the new deal/contract I just discussed and established with the Loyality Team.  The representative assured me there shouldn't be a problem though and shouldn't take priority over the contract that was confirmed e over the phone today. So I'm pretty hopeful everything is sorted now.


But in the case something does come up in the system from clicking the email offer , even though  I've decided to take the offer from the Loyality Team instead , is it advisable to keep this thread open for a little while longer just in case so I can follow it up here ? Or should I just open a new thread or contact the Loyality Team again if a conflict in the system arises ?


Please let me know. Something seems to have changed in my account settings after I had the phone call. Can you see my account details to confirm whether the contract starts today , tomorow or the day after ? Thanks if you can confirm. I'm not entirely clear if it starts now , or when my contract runs out.



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Hi LowQuality,


I can't see any record of the order at our end so could you contact our Loyalty team (you can contact them through the customer services number) - they should be able to sort this out for you, apologies for any inconvenience






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Hi Chris ,


I replied to the email this morning. Just before I made the longer post on this thread this morning.

That's when I made confirmation I want to accept the offer. Clicking the link , sent me to another page , where I click another button confirm and then a page pops up saying thank you with a little more information , saying confirmation will be sent within 10 days.

But I need to know now whether it went through properly , since my contract for Faster Fibre from 2 years ago ends tomorow.


Also before I made this thread on Saturday , I clicked the link to accept , to see I could find information before accepting , but then canceled when there was no further information . Then I made the thread on Saturday , to see if I could find more information , so I can make sure of details before fully accepting the offer.


I am not sure if that action would have invalidate the offer/link for a future decision , because I already clicked the link to accept once on Saturday , then cancelled , since I wanted to be informed before accepting the offer again. (If possible)


But in any case , I did finally decide to accept the offer this morning and the link still seemed to work. The the thank you message is such a generic looking automated page , it's hard for me to be sure if my confirmation really has gone through or not.


I think the email for the offer arrived on 31st January , but since we don't check that email often , I only noticed it on Saturday before I made this thread. But from what I could see , there is no mention of any kind of expiration date of the offer.


In any case I would still like to accept the offer when our current contract runs out , since it does seem the best choice in terms of price and hassle. If it is no longer available , it would be nice to still be considered by the loyalty team since we have been such a long term customer (Since the very beginning ) and we only noticed the email offer just less than a week ago.


Thanks if you can help.



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Hi LowQuality,


Thanks for answering the security questions


Could I just ask when you replied to the email about the upgrade?



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Hi Chris ,

Thanks for the response . I input the information on the form in the link in the PM and it gave me a generic automated verification message after that. I hope to hear from you soon , thanks.



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Hi LowQuality,


I've sent you a PM to confirm some details so that we can look into this further for you



Whizz Kid
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I was wondering if any OCE/Member of staff could reply to the topic.

This morning I clicked the link to accept the offer of the reduced price of £22 a month for Fibre 35 for 2 years , but am not fully sure if the order went through or not.

So far I have not received any sort of order confirmation through email or any changes after logging into our talktalk account.

All I received is a generic auto generated thank you message after clicking the link saying they would be confirmation  within 10 days.

I also clicked the link twice , so I hope two orders didn't go through. ( Also as mentioned in my original post. Before I made this thread  I clicked the link earlier in the week and cancelled too , so I hope that didn't affect anything either)


Although I am not 100% sure if the offer would be still available to me , since the offer email was sent over 2 weeks ago. So I am unsure how the link would react if it was pointing to a dead offer. Another thing is I was only aware of the offer email around the time I started the thread and the offer didn't really appear in the offers when logged into my talktalk account , so I am unsure if the offer was still valid , by the time I noticed the email.


Is there any way an OCE/ Staff member here on the forums can check our account to see if the order fully went through or not for me ?Thanks if you can.


Since I have no real way of checking online at the moment if the order really went through or if the email offer is still valid.

If it didn't go through and the offer is still valid , can I get help to amend the order so the new relfected price starts when our current contract ends. (Which should be tommorow)


I did try the telephone number for the Loyality team that forum member SkyNet_TX gave me in a previous post , but I got an automated message that was no longer in use and just to use the normal customer services number instead.

If possible I prefer to get help from the Forum OCEs/staff , since I just remember bad experiences when dealing with customer services on the phone years ago , especially if calls are handled overseas. I can seem to explain everything clearer on the forums.


Although I am kind of disappointed I didn't get an official response on the topic yet , even though I have seen almost every other Saturday topic has been answered. This is the first time I haven't got a response from an OCE/Staff member on one of my topics.

It was pretty important , since our Faster Fibre contract is expiring tomorrow and I needed to make a decision before the end of the week, I would have liked some official reassurance before accepting the offer.

Although the I did receive a lot of great help from a community member which I thankful for and am confident the information is accurate. I really would have liked some official confirmation too , in case of possible differences other customers might not be fully aware of.


I didn't bump up the topic , because I know every new reply , pushes you further down the queue , but now I need help pretty soon.


In any case , please respond  because I need to know if the order for the offer still went through if it was valid and possibly require help if it didn't go through properly . Thanks if you can respond soon, since my old contract ends tomorrow.


Community Star
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The bit in the Terms and Conditions ( about the annual price increase says :




Community Star
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Yep, if you want to speak to someone before renewing then speaking to the loyalty team on that number is the best thing to do, they will be able to clarify all of the details, and ensure you get the best offer.


If you call that number you may have to listen to a lot of recorded messages, but when it asks you what you want just ask for the 'loyalty team'.


However upgrading from 'Faster Fibre' to 'Fibre 35' is a very straightforward upgrade, as basically the only thing that really change is the name !


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Thanks for answering more questions . I typed another response to your older reply , so you can ignore that now, I think I was typing that when you were typing your newer reply.


Thanks for going more in depth , I really appreciate it.

Thanks for the number too. I didn't know about that one. That should prove usually in the future .

Although I still get good help on the forums too on various other matters.

Community Star
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The naming of the package is a bit daft, I can assure you that Fibre 35 offers speeds of 40 down and 10 up, Fibre 65 offers speeds of 80 down and 20 up.


I've been on Fibre 35 since about November last year, my Price is not as good as yours, as I got offered the price that was generally available at that time, so the price you have been offered is based on the offers that are around today, that is a good price !.


For normal contracts, prices now increase every April, you can opt to take out a slightly more expensive 'Fixed price' contract, which means price will not increase during the contract period, but I suspect this £22 offer is a regular contract, so prices will go up a bit each year, but that is common across all of the regular contracts now.


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Thanks for letting me know .

I was worried , since it's called Fibre 35 , you might not be able to get 40mbps max download sync speed rate anymore.


Have you been on the new contract long ? Is it for the new contract price , that's to stay at around that price ( In the case of my offer £22) for the next 24 months , like the old Faster Fibre Contract ? I wasn't fully clear on that with the limited information I could find.


I will probably end up just accepting the offer in that case , if for some reason I don't get an official response on weekdays.

Thanks for the quick response.


Community Star
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Prices will go up each year in the same way that they would now do for Faster Fibre, unless it specifically say it is the fixed price deal.


There won't be any fees to change package, as this is just a regular offer to re-contract at the end of your existing contract.


If you renew now then your new contract will start immediately and run for 2 years from the day you take up the offer.


There is no benefit to staying on your existing package, other than it would mean you could leave at any time without penalty because you would be out of contract, by accepting the Fibre 35 offer you are then tied into a 24 month contract.


But basically by taking the Fibre 35 offer you are really just staying on exactly the same service that you are on today, and nothing about the level of service should change.


I did notice that when I moved from Faster Fibre to Fibre 35 my guaranteed minimum speed actually increased, so that is something to check, but I had no way of seeing that info until I'd actually accepted the contract, but there is no reason why your speeds should be affected by the upgrade, as it is the same package, just with a new name.


If I haven't answered anything you are concerned about then let me know and I'll try to clarify, if you did have further concerns that you wanted to speak to someone 'official' about then the best thing to do would be to call 0345 172 0046 and asked for the loyalty team, they are best placed to discuss and arrange renewals.

Community Star
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Hi @LowQuality,


Well I can't give you an official response, as I'm just a customer like you, but I can confirm that Fibre 35 is just the new name for Faster Fibre. I was in exactly the same situation as you, I had a Faster Fibre contract that was coming to an end and had that same type of email, I accepted the offer to re-contract onto Fibre 35. If you do this then basically nothing will change, you will be on the same range of speeds that you are on now (e.g. max of 40 down, 10 up) and use the same router, there is no disruption to service and you will still use the same equipment.


The only thing you may notice in 'My Account' is that the package may be called 'Fibre 35 plus TV' (or something similar), don't let that scare you, it just means TV is available as an add on, but they should not add it or charge you for it unless you specifically ask for it.


Don't worry about the '35' in the name, it is the same as Faster Fibre and offers speeds of up to 40 down and 10 up. I can confirm my router is synced at 39999 right now !