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Is TalkTalk broadband any good? And is FibreOptic worth it?

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First off, thanks for all the guidance this sub has given me since I moved to the UK. Great group of really helpful people. I'd love any advice you have on picking a broadband provider

All we want is broadband, not TV or a landline. Uswitch recommends some TalkTalk deals and I'm wondering if that company is good.

It's a £16.70 line rental for just broadband, and no other charges. There are slightly more expensive deals from Virgin, BT, and PlusNet as well. I've heard good things about Virgin, but I don't know TalkTalk's reputation. Also, we have a landline installed already. Does it matter which company installed it, i.e will we need to pay to use a different company?

The other option seems to be getting Fibre Optic with any of the above companies. We'll mostly be using Netflix with some online gaming as well. Is going Fibre Optic going to cost a lot for install, and is it worth the higher rate?


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You need to do more research if you want to look into the options in your area. However, that's a very good price for Fast Broadband and Line Rental,  @Sylus.


The headline prices are listed under "legal" at the foot of any TT page.


Any Openreach installed landline is compatible with Talktalk. Cable companies use different infrastructure. 


What matters more than anything is the line speed that your current line is capable of. 


You can check out the competition by plugging in your postcode:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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That looks like a good deal. Otherwise Google is your frIend, other search engines are available.