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Is my yet to be installed FTTP subject to this new price rise?

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Hi Folks,


I've been with TalkTalk for a year and recently, FTTP became available. 


So I ordered Fibre 500 TalkTalk a few weeks ago and this is due to start in the 12th April.


Does the new price affect my new product that hasn't actually started yet? Or, as it's a new contract (they still haven't emailed me the new contract) do I just pay the price I agreed upon ordering?


The email from TalkTalk today wasn't clear as lots of the FTTP stuff in regards to accessing your account and emails etc has yet to be set up by them.





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Hi Neonpanet40 


In answer to your question , no the price rise does not apply to FTTP orders. 



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The person I spoke to recommended ringing every now and then just in case. Bloody annoying to go from a 4 week wait to an 11 week wait. I'll keep hassling them though, thanks for the tip!


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It's good about the price. But messing up your order?! that's very poor. A tip, ring up every other day and ask if there any been any cancellations. Lots of people have been cancelling Openreach appointments, if you are lucky, you may be able to book one which is closer. 


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So I phoned the fttp team:


The price is fixed for the 18 months with no planned increase at the moment.


Also turns out they messed up my order, and had to place a new one. Install date has gone from 23rd March to 14th May. Brilliant!


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I am hoping TalkTalk can confirm it isn't increasing before it even starts.


I had an Openreach guy come last week and do the outside survey. He pulled the fiber through the ducts and it's currently sitting at the side of my house ready to be connected.


I have an install date of April 12th. I got an email yesterday (the first email I've had) just confirming this install date and giving some further info about the install. You should hopefully receive yours soon.


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I'm in the same boat as you. I'm fairly sure it will stay as £40 for the 500mb package, from everything I can tell.


Out of interest, have you received any communication from TT since placing your order for fttp? I placed mine a few weeks back, with install later this month, but haven't heard anything from them at all since.