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Issues with NOW tv services

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I have TalkTalk Fibre and have NOW tv as a separate service direct with them.


For the past week, I have been having difficulties accessing the services of NOW tv via my TalkTalk fibre internet.


First, the website.  I can access the website on my laptop, but when I go to the login page, I just get a "Unable to connect to sign in, please try again later" error before even trying to log in.  Using the developer tools in Google Chrome, the network tab shows some requests on this page have CORS errors.


However, the interesting this is that if I enable the hotspot on my mobile (vodafone), and connect to that, it works perfectly fine.  It is just via the TalkTalk wifi that I cannot access it.


Then we come to the NOW tv devices (Roku).  These work in that I can access the TV services, but while connected to the TalkTalk wifi, it is extremely slow to navigate the menu.  You are having to wait 45-60 seconds to load a section compared to 5 seconds via my mobile hotspot.


Any ideas?  Homesafe/kids safe is turned off


I have tried changing the DNS settings on the router to use the Google ones, but it made no difference, so have set them back to automatic.


Support Team
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Can you please add your home phone number or Account number to your Community Profile. 


We will not attempt to call you, this is so we can locate your account and run tests on your line if you are reporting a fault.


We will then reply via this thread in our Community with any further advice or next steps.


If unsure of your phone number, and if your line is working simply dial 17070 from your land line phone and this will confirm the number for you.  Alternatively these details can be found within My Account online or may be on the heading of any paperwork you have received.


Please post back on this thread when this has been done.





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