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Issues with wifi speed and update required on software

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Im a new talk talk customer. Ive took the faster fibre package at my new home. I am due to start working from home here next week, however im a bit concerned over the wifi speeds. Upon doing a quick wifi speed test, its showing a download speed of 16mbps and an upload of 2mbps. Its not speeds that i was expecting seeing as its supposed to be faster fibre. I also have the following message on my account - You have a Sagemcom-FAST5364 but the software needs updating to the latest version.  Can anyone help with my concerns and also the update please? It will not go down well with my employers if i have wifi issues and not able to work efficiantly enough due to the speeds. 


Many thanks in advance 🙂


Support Team
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Hi Debbie34,


I've checked your router firmware and you have the latest version.


Line test is passing but speed is a bit low. Your line profile isn't restricting your speed so could you switch your router off and leave it off for at least 30 minutes then switch back on and retest. Please let us know how you get on 



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As part of your contract on joining TT you would have been given an estimated speed range and a minimum guaranteed speed.


What are those speeds ?


What are your LINE RATES ?


These can be obtained by logging into the router interface at using the details on the back of the router, these are different to the WiFi details.


The router firmware should update automatically within a couple of days and you should leave the router connected 24/7 for at least the first 10 days.


WiFi speed test are unreliable, for a true indication of speed do a wired speed test with just one device connected.