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Latest TT offer of super router ?

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For an extra 50p month for 4 years, we can have this superior wifi router, but is it actually guaranteed  to give us any faster d/l speeds ?


I'm on the faster fibre and TV package and get d/l speeds of between 21-25 Mbps which is OK ish, but short of the expected 35 TT claim. I have the D-Link 3782 which seems pretty stable and generally reliable without any appreciable dropouts.


This isn't a compalint as such, I'm fairly pleased with TT over the 9 years I've been with them, It was more a sort of 'I wonder if it's worth having' moment.


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You can get a new contract at anytime at talktalk even if you are already have an existing contract. And ask for the WiFi Hub as the super router is unable to handle many devises at Once it is free to new customers but is £30 for new customers just ask to speak to someone from loyalty to get it for free like I did today 

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I just spoke to them on chat. They can't offer me anything at the moment as I'm more than three months away from my renewal date, but they advised me to ask them again when I have less than three months to go.


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Hi Peregrine,


The offer came via an email from TT :


"Hi, we’ve recently reviewed your Faster Fibre account and a router upgrade is available. You can get a new Wi-Fi Hub with a stronger, more reliable signal if you sign up to a new Fixed Price Plan for £28.00 a month. The new plan would be £0.50 more a month than you currently pay and that price would be fixed for the next four years. You can change contracts before the four years are up – you’ll only be in contract for the first two years. Just click the link below to confirm and we’ll do everything else. Offer ends Tuesday 28 May 2019".


Have you logged into your TT account recently in case it's listed under offers and upgrades ?


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Where did you find this offer? I'd like a wi-fi hub but when I enquired they wanted to charge me £60.


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Thanks for the response. Because I don't have lots of kit attached to the router, no more than a couple of laptops and the TV box, it doesn't bother me unduly, so I think I'll pass on the offer. But, shall have a look at the cloudcheck aspect nevertheless.

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Hi @Centaur 


Is this the offer of a Wi-Fi Hub?  May not be able to realistically squeeze more from the Openreach fibre to the cabinet connection.


However, the latest embedded Cloudcheck software does optimise the Wi-Fi environment and this is designed to improve speeds for the connected devices.


There's a planned Blog for the new Wi-Fi Hub featuring Cloudcheck.

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