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Line speed to the router has dropped.

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Hi my line speed to the router has dropped from 40 mbps to 25mbps which is below my guaranteed speed. I’ve contacted customer services via chat and they’ve sent me a new router (WiFi hub) and also said that they’ve changed some setting but nothing has changed. Can you please look into this for me.


Support Team
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Hi ryan,


I'm sorry to hear this and I'll take a look now. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault, however I can see re-connections on the line. Is the connection unstable or have you been rebooting/switching off the router? How long has the replacement router been connected for?




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Hi the line speed dropped about a week ago I contacted customers service via chat and they sent a new router which I connected yesterday morning about 7.30am when it arrived. I’ve only disconnected to fitted new equipment apart from that I never turn it off.


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Hi ryan,


Ok thanks for confirming this. It can take DLM between 24-48hrs to make changes to the speed. Does your master socket have a test socket? Is the voice service also ok with no noise on the line?




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Yes the voice service is fine and I’ve plugged the micro filter straight into the test socket.

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Hi ryan,


Could I just confirm, did you connect the router at the test socket today?




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No I’ve always had it connected to the test socket as I was told this is the best thing to do. 

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Hi ryan,


Thanks for confirming. It can take between 24-48hrs for DLM to start making changes to the sync speed if the connection remains stable.


Would it be possible to bump your thread (request an update) tomorrow and we can re-check the connection stats again to see if DLM has started to increase the sync speed now that the replacement router is connected?




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Ok I will do, do I just comment on this post again to “bump” it?

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Hi ryan,


Yes please. Just ask for an update on this thread and we can re-check this for you 🙂




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Ok thanks

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Can I ask for a update as it’s been 48 hours now and my line speed to the router is still 25mbps when it used to be 40mbps.


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Hi ryanhavenhand


I can see that the sync speed hasn't increased, apologies for this.


If you have tested with a different router at the test socket then the next step will be to arrange an Openreach engineer visit.






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Ok that’s fine for an Openreach engineer to call. Can I ask can my connection be reset also has my profile changed recently?


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Hi ryanhavenhand


I have asked our Network Team to take a look at this and I will post back on this thread as soon as I receive further information.





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Ok thanks I look forward to your reply.

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Good morning, I’ve checked this morning and my line speed is back to 40mbps. I don’t know if anyone changed anything but thankyou. I will monitor and hopefully it will stay. Only thing I’ve noticed in the settings is that the router has reset itself and the software has changed.

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I'm showing a profile change has happened at 04:15 this morning and the line is now in sync at 38mb.


Monitor and let me know if anything changes.




Karl. ​​​​​​​

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Ok will do.



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