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Low router throughput, high CPU occupancy...

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Our (new) DG8041W router is running at 60%-90% CPU load with resultant low internet throughput even though there is very good broadband speed (38Mbit/s down, 8Mbit/s up).  Some devices cannot get internet at all and the service is seriously degraded.


This is a new router and I have done a factory reset etc to no good effect.


When a single devices is connected the internet speed is excellent.


I believe that there is a systemic weakness in this router - is this a problem generally?




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I cannot see the indicator to show that you have updated your details?

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Thanks for that suggestion - done that (would not otherwise have bothered).


I have a call open with the helpdesk but the best that they could do earlier was to suggest that I call back "in two of three hours" which means I will be calling them in about 15 minutes.  I am not optimistic that the helpdesk will not ask me loads of inane questions but clearly router CPU occupancy should NOT be so high.


Something has gone wrong with it because when we first had it the performance was very good.  Not as good as my business mikrotik but there you go.  If I could put it into dumb mode (and trust it) I would just stick a mikrotik on and expect that to stay up for 9-12 months.


Perhaps it got hit by a cosmic ray?




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You may well have a faulty device. Make sure that your personal details including TalkTalk landline number are complete on your community profile (click here) so that the support team can link your forum identity with your account and then wait for them to respond. They should be able to arrange a swap out for testing. Do bear in mind though that they will not be back online until Monday. 



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Thats interesting - thanks for the response.


I'm of the view that my router is faulty then because the bandwidth being used now is minimal (ie no streaming being done etc) yet it took 10 minutes to re-present this page in order to see your reply!


CPU running now at 80%, memory at 20%.  I have changed nothing following the factory reset except the WiFi SSID and password.  We can run up to 35 devices but now only 14 are connected although the router takes several minutes and only reports 4 presently.




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No. I currently have 15 wireless and 1 wired device connected, CPU usage at 5% (from router interface), everything running smoothly.