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Low upload and download speeds, and frequent disconnections

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Last year we had many issues with internet connection drop-outs. This resulted in an OpenReach engineer coming to our home (around August 2019) and making some repairs to our line.

Since the engineer visit the internet connection drop-outs were greatly reduced. However, we have still been having issues over the last 12 months.

We get regular prolonged spells where we get:
1) extremely low upload speeds (this morning it was 192Kbps)
2) very low download speeds (ranging from under 1000 Kbps to below 5000Kbsp)
3) both very low download and upload speeds

We can get frequent internet disconnections during these periods. Just to be clear I am talking about getting disconnected from the actual internet, and NOT wifi drops outs between the router and our devices.


I am working from home and this can make it very difficult to work. Sometimes restarting the router temporarily helps, but the speeds quickly return back to where they were (sometimes within several minutes).

Things I have tried that haven't solved the problem:

  • Connecting router to the test socket in my  master socket (Openreach branded Master Socker 5C).
  • Resetting the router (using a pin in the back of it)
  • Turning off the router and unplugging it, waiting 30 mins, then plugging it and turning on again
  • trying a different router

Could I get an OCE on here to help us with this issue please? Thanks


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Thanks. I'm happy to keep an eye on things for the time being

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Hi AndyH212,


Glad to hear you're upload speed has improved. If the upload speeds drops again really low please let us know, we may need to arrange an engineer visit to your home



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I can confirm we have replaced the microfilter and cables that came with the router to a cat5e cable and microfilter faceplate. We have tried other microfilters and cables too, but our current cable/microfilter faceplate set-up gave the best performance.


Just to reiterate, since the Openreach engineer resolved the service issue on 6th August (he didn't need to enter our property or anything), our connection stability has been pretty good, maybe with just a couple of 1-3 hour spells where it kept disconnecting a bit. The download speeds have been much better too. So we're happy with the stability and download speeds.


It's just our recent 3-4 day spell of really low upload speeds (around 185 Kbps/0.19 Mbps) that was a problem, but since the upload speeds shot up again on Thursday evening it's stayed around 1.3Mbps, which is good.


The problem is though we do have an ongoing issue of these spells of very low upload speeds, sometimes lasting a few days (and even going below 0.1Mbps occasionally) that can make the internet either very slow or even practically unusable at times; we may get these spells every 1-4 weeks, it varies a lot. But today at least our internet is okay.


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Hi Andy,


Ok thanks for confirming. When you initially tested with the alternative router did you also replace the microfilter and cables that came with the router?





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Yes, the router is connected to the test socket. Although the upload speeds shot up yesterday evening to around 1333Kbps (after 3-4 days of being around 185Kbps) and have stayed that way so far today.


As I said though, fluctuating upload speeds have been an ongoing issue here for the last year, with spells of really low upload speed for 1-4 days at a time. 








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Hi Andy,


Thanks for confirming and I'll take another look now. I've re-run the line test which is now detecting a possible fault towards the property. Just to confirm is the router still connected to the test socket at the moment?





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Just an update... an email informed me that an engineer resolved the service issue on 6th August. This made a big difference, and the line has been much more stable, which is good. The download speeds have also been faster. We do still get occasional spells of disconnections, but generally things seem better regarding connection stability.


However, the upload speed still varies a lot and can still be very low (at time of writing my modem is reporting 185Kbps - It's been around this speed for the last 3 days).

Spells of very low upload speeds (generally lasting from 1-4 days) have been a long-term issue for us, even dipping below 100kbps at times, which can make the internet frustratingly slow to use.


Can anything be done to improve the upload speeds? Thanks


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Hi Andy


No problem, I will check for further updates again tomorrow morning.





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Great, thanks @Debbie-TalkTalk 

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Hi AndyH212


I'm really sorry to hear this.


The line tests have detected a possible fault so I have escalated this over to Openreach to be investigated by a line engineer.


We should receive further updates within the next 48hrs.