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Massive fibre broadband issues

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Last Saturday i had issues with my broadband - connection was poor, around 900ms ping, speed between 1mb to 50mb, restarting the router or replacing the filter no help at all. Fortunately after lunch it all stopped so i thought maybe some work was done since during the week it was all ok. Today the issue is back - again it is impossible to skype chat or play online games with ping 60-900ms, speed drops like crazy - you do one SpeedTest it will be all perfect then next 2 will be half speed and crazy ping/jitter (I did one in a background of writing of this post and have 8ms ping with barely 8dl/8.5up speed, then run another one with 200ms ping and 25dl/20up speeds).

When contacted TalkTalk chat they did some line test it was all ok ( unfortunately for me during the chat the connection was actually ok i had no issues with speed or ping), 5 mins since the chat ended the issue is back again. 

When running tracert to first hop (to my router) is perfect(1 to 29ms) then hop 2 the fun starts with 1337ms, then next few hops will be also around 500ms so the issue does not seem to be in my flat (again it does not matter if i am on the Wi-Fi or cable to the router)

Restarting router or leaving it off for 30 mins does not help - what is more worrying when asked neighbours they seem to have similar issue even when using different providers.

Any chance someone can have a look ? 


Support Team
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Hi iggy11,


I'm sorry for the delay. How has your connection been since your last post?





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Thanks ! Seem that the problem is gone in the afternoon but i have a feeling it will come back either tomorrow morning or next week so will wait for Monday for someone to have a look

Community Star
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Chat may be quicker for you,  @iggy11.


Core hours 9am-6pm. Scroll down a bit to find them from this page:


Staff won't be back on here before Monday. 


You can also phone today (not Sunday) on 03451 720046.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.