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Minimum down load speed

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Hi, I have the latest TalkTalk router for my super fast fibre broadband and have been receiving far slower that guaranteed down load speeds.

TalkTalk have advised me that to improve my speed I needed to connect my iMac via an ethernet cable to the router. I have been informed that measuring my down load speed on this wired connection meets the TalkTalk terms and conditions.

I can't find this information anywhere - is anyone able to confirm this and point me to the T&Cs that explain this please?




Support Team
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Hi GS007,


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Ts and Cs at the bottom of this web page.


WiFi is subject to too many variables.


The following is from the Broadband Section on page 14, my bold to answer your question.





We’ll try to ensure you get the estimated speeds; however, we can’t guarantee this. It may take up to two weeks from installation for your speeds to stabilise. If, after this period, you’re regularly getting significantly lower download speeds, please contact us (see paragraph 19 above) so we can try to help improve your speed. By regularly we mean that your download speed falls below the minimum guaranteed download speed on a daily basis for at least three successive days (whether continuously or intermittently) after you reported the problem to us. We’ll try to fix the problem, but you must follow our reasonable instructions when we try to do so (including how to measure the relevant download speed on your line).