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Modem compatibility with fibre package

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Hi, I've just moved from a TT broadband package to a fibre package. I previously had an Asus gaming router with a Netgear N150 set to modem only which has been working fine. With the fibre package, the modem no longer connects to the ISP. The TT supplied Sagemcom black hub router connects and works but I want to keep my Asus router which is much better so looks like I will need to buy a modem that talks to the ISP as there is no way to run the TT router as a modem-bridge and chaining it to the Asus router makes setting up port forwarding a nightmare. Question is, what modem specs are needed so I can connect, I guess VDSL rather than ADSL, any help or recommendations appreciated.


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No problem.  Just to add that while I've noticed a number of people on the forum use the Vigor 130 Draytek have just brought out a new version the 166 ( I think the main difference maybe the addition of support) and while I have no personal experience of either of them I do use a Vigor 2762 modem/router which I am more than happy with.


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Thanks, thats useful as was looking at the Draytek Vigor 130


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You will need a VDSL2 modem, Draytek seem to be a popular choice.

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Have a look at the Asus range of modems on their website.  look for vdsl2 support.  Also have a look a Zyxcel. They have a good range.

Otherwise save your money and use the supplied SageMcom modem/router