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Moving home

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Apologies for another post on this and probably now in the wrong section!


I've just been on the live chat with the Loyalty Team ( not well named I would suggest ).


I'm moving home on 16 August and was under the impression that the 14 day minimum notice period meant that you would be able to avoid loss of service if you complied.


However, I'm informed that a) yes, I can move on the 16th, despite the online form saying otherwise but b) I will be charged £ 60 for doing so despite the online form saying it was a free move.

Furthermore, Live Chat wanted me to sign up to a new contract for another 18 months, I'm only 2 months into the present one and here's the killer, they couldn't give ne a reconnection date! I'm told a minimum of 14 days after moving! 


Here's what I wanted to happen. Give notice now, today, of a move on the 16 August thinking that I would be disconnected and reconnected on the same day. Not give 14 days' notice today for disconnection and then wait God knows how long to be reconnected.


Can anyone shed light on this please?


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@falconi66  as a staff member has already answered your original post, best answering their question and adding additional information.


Suggest you answer @Chris-TalkTalk on that post