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Moving when still in contract?

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I am currently in contract with TalkTalk Fibre and telephone. What is the situation if I move properties? Hope to be moving in two weeks time, can I carry my current contract over or do I have to take out a new contract? I am not sure if there is a phoneline at the new property can this be checked if there is an active phone line?


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You pay the Home Move fee of £60 if you want to stay on your current contract.


If you enter a new contract then the fee can be waived.


A MINIMUM of 14 days notice is required for a home move, so even if there is a phone line you may be without service for some days, depending on engineer availability and of course the Christmas holidays.


You should check with the seller or letting agent about the line and whether there is actually a BT Master Socket in place, it is not unknown for the line to be cut and socket removed especially if the previous occupier had Virgin or another real fibre product.