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Need help / this question answering asap

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If I am mid fibre contract with talk talk and they currently have the same thing on a cheaper deal, am I allowed to switch to the cheaper price?


I firmly believe I remember this being one of their selling points they told me about when I first signed up, but I cant find anything about it or where it might be mentioned in any of talk talk's terms and conditions.


I need to know asap before current deal prices end! 


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You're welcome. If you think your speeds are lower than they should be then feel free to start a topic in the Fibre Broadband section.

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Ok thanks, that tells me what I needed to know. I cant change my plan until the last 90 days anymore. I'll see if I can use their speed guarantee to either get a lower price or the better router that's £30 for free instead as I was guaranteed 58mb down but only get 48mb now.

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How do I quote if it is necessary on this forum?


The small print currently says:


'Fixed Price Plans are available to new and existing TalkTalk customers. Existing customers need to sign a new contract to be eligible and will be subject to the Terms for Existing Customer.'


So now where do I find 'terms for existing customer'?


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Terms & Conditions are subject to change and have done so, only the current ones are valid. Check the small print on the Sales Pages.

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I need to know how long ago exactly and when exactly they stopped offering that because I believe it was part of the terms and conditions I signed when I joined.


I've already called them and they never know anything so I need this information before calling them again with 100% accuracy.


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It was the case some time ago that existing customers could switch deals at any time, but this has long since been restricted to within 90 days of the end of the current contract. Having said that, there is nothing to prevent you contacting the customer loyalty team and chancing your arm, although do not be surprised if they are unable to offer you the deal you wish.