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Never ending nightmare with talktalk

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I was with talktalk for 11 years, last year started having daily diconnections and sometimes unable to connect at all, they made me wait 3 weeks for an engineer, I stayed all day at home waiting, he never bothered to show up not even have the decency to call, I rang talktalk, they apologised, promised compensation for that and all the time I had bad connection, what did they ACTUALLY DO? AFTER HAVING WAITED 3 WEEKS AND STAYED HOME ALL DAY FOR AN ENGINEER WHO NEVER EVEN BOTHERED TO CALL? THEY PENALISED ME NOT ONCE BUT TWICE, talktalk always tell you that they prioritize vulnerable customers, I AM ONE (having a heart problem) in reality not only they couldn't care less, they screwed me in EVERY WAY possible, endless lies, they left me for 3 MONTHS with crap connection, that is if I can connect at all, they fined me (stole) £60 from me (believe it or not the VULNERABLE customer had to pay for the engineer not turning up, hard to believe but this is talktalk,) not only the CEO office did NOTHING to help but an employee from that office by the name of Helen Mucklin amused herself by giving a contact number when she knew she had no intention of ever talking to me, numurous phone calls and messages, not a single reply, this woman has a voice recording of hers that her priority is vulnerable customers, she crapped on this one, these are the kind of despicable people I had to deal with me having a heart problem, not that she could give a sh** about my health, her priority was ONLY Helen Mucklin, it beggars belief that someone with a shred of decency can behave like that, she laughs at the sick and vulnerable,  all this had a negative effect on my health, it wasn't enough for her the crap service I was getting and on top money was stolen from me, I had to punished further, needless to say I left talktalk months ago and joined BT a company unlike talktalk treat people decently, I was assured at the time that I wolud continue to be able to access my talktalk email, I registered and paid for talktalk mail plus but clearly talktalk hadn't finished punishing me, 3 days ago they deleted all my emails, I can now only access the last 11 days, I emailed several times telling the that I have health issues and that it is important to me to be able to access my emails, they couldn't care less, not a single reply. Maybe I was lucky but never before in my life have I encountered such evil people, even cowboys don't laugh at the sick and vulnerable , only talktalk does that, While talktalk cusomers are getting crap service and the sick and vulnerable people get mistreated by talktalk, CEO Tristia Harisson is sitting pretty, laughing all the way to the bank. If this is what how they treat the sick, god help the healthy ones.




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Hi Ramzy, I have chronic heart disease, had 5 bypass grafts and 4 stents fitted. In March 2020 an anuerism and blocked stent were identified during a stress echo test and I've just had a contrast CT scan of my heart to identify the cause of recent changes. I know it can be difficult to deal with you have my sympathy, nobody here chooses or targets to upset or let down any customers. Last year was an absolute nightmare thanks to COVID19. If an engineer isn't going to attend they absolutely should let customers know that and we meet with OpenReach regularly raising concerns like that.

In terms of emails we don't delete them, hackers don't either they forward them to their own mailboxes. If your mail is deleted check in webmail for mail forwards or filters that you haven't setup. If they're there delete them and reset your password. First job though would be to run Antivirus and Malware scans on all your internet connected devices to ensure that when you do retake control the hacker doesn't still have a way in. 



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Hi Ramzy 


TalkTalk don't delete mail messages in the Inbox. If you recently set up a new email collection then this could download and then delete mail messages. Look like the settings are to leave mail messages in the Inbox for a couple of weeks before deleting. This points to local email software and the settings under local control. Your mail messages will all be in the local Inbox.


However, if the software is not under your control and you haven't set it up then you should change your email password so that only you can access your mail messages. 


The Reset your password now button in the help article  Changing your email password

will take you to password reset and recovery.  If you have set up password recovery options, that you recognise from the hints as your current recovery methods, you can send your alternate email address a link or your mobile a 6-digit code to authorise a password reset.


Let us know if you need further advice on this specific issue.

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