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New Install Tomorrow

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I have a Fibre 65 being installed tomorrow - I have an engineer visit booked with the router being delivered today (hopefully!!)


On the Talk Talk website they say if you have an engineer visit booked just hold on to the router the engineer will sort it all - I keep getting text from Openreach saying plug the router in before 8am - so the advice seems to be at odds with each other.


So what is it - do I plug or do I wait? 


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Hi djbdane


Perfect 🙂


Thanks for letting us know.




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As requested an update on the install 10/10 

Engineer very helpful  and getting 67 Meg down 19 Meg up at the moment.

So all in all happy bunny!

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Hi djbdane


We have 2 WIFI hubs, one is the Sagemcom hub (bronze holes on the front) and the Huawei hub (black holes on the front)


Both of these are WIFI hubs, they are just different makes and models. Please let us know how the connection is with the router you have received.






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Correct, go live date is anytime up until midnight on the day.
Steve -
Have you tried turning it off and on again!

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Router arrived - surprised to see the WiFi Hub not the Black Router (though on the downside this one doesn't allow guest networks - which would have been handy) - the enclosed letter said it was an upgrade - reading online it does seem to offer a good range and does seem to get better reviews than the Black one.


So plugged it in - and replied to the text Openreach had sent me - so now just waiting on the orange flashing light to stop flashing which I am assuming won't be until tomorrow the go live date. 


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Will do

Support Team
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Please let us know how you get on and if you need any assistance 🙂





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@djbdane  the line may be physically in place but not connected until tomorrow.


If you do have a handset available, it's also a good idea to dial 17070 once you are up and running to check you get a readback of your allocated phone number.

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Hi yes there is a master socket - no idea if the line works or not so I'll plug in (when the kit is delivered) and see what happens. Thanks for the reply.

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If you already have a BT Openreach master socket and the phone line has not been cut and remains connected to the street cabinet it is possible you will not even see the engineer.


In that case plug the router in as soon as you get it and set up your devices to connect to the new WiFi SSID, tomorrow it should connect automatically once the external work is done.


If they are installing a phone line, obviously you need to wait until you have a socket !