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New Modem/Router

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I have been with Talk talk for about 11 years at my flat.

I just had a BT engineer knock to test my line. He then asked why I still had a BT Open reach Modem connected to my router. 

I have a Netgear router connected to the Open Reach modem as I needed 1Gb connection speeds over my LAN, and the router I was supplied with by you years ago was only 100Mb.


Anyway, to cut a long story short he said I should have the new Talk Talk modem?

So my question is, how come I have not been sent a new modem when I renewed my contract?


Many Thanks


Cliff W


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I assume that you mean the new TalkTalk WiFi Hub, which does have four Gigabit LAN ports. This normally has to be purchased from TalkTalk unless you negotiated a discounted previously for the hub when renewing your contract.


If you have proof that you did negotiate this, then I will pass it on to the OCEs for you. However, if not & you want to buy one, discuss this with the loyalty team to see what discounts that they may be prepared to offer you.


More details on the Wi-Fi Hub:-


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