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New Sagemcom-FAST5364 router not working well with wired network HP printer

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Hi Team,

The new Sagemcom-FAST5364 router is not working well with my older Wired HP 4050 TN network printer which has a static IP address assigned to it. The printer's Default Gateway and DNS is pointing out to the router IP within the same subnet. This basic wired tested network set-up worked for me for years and I can't point any fault on it. I'm running like a mad-man swapping router when I have to print anything out as my old router is no longer working with the Fibre FTTC Internet and the new one is not always detecting my printer is on the network. Have anyone of you seen such an issue with this new Sagem router? Is this is the bug which is reported already to the router vendor? Other Wired connections on DHCP work well. This printer can't be on DHCP as it does not have that functionality built-in. The DHCP range set in a router is not touching the printer static IP assigned. 

On some weird occasions, I can see the Sagem router seeing the Printer interface is up and the printer works then, it's not shown as a connected device in GUI in other places. Most of the time printer interface is shown as down. I've never seen such a problem with any other routers I've used. See the Port 2 in PDF attached. It was up and went down for an unknown reason for now again and it will stay there forever until the magic happens and Sagem router will see it again. 

Please help me out and provide some suggestions. 



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Hi Adam


glad to hear the new router resolved the issue.





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Hi Debbie,


Many thanks for sending the Huawei DG8041W router. This one work straight away with everything (including the wired printer) as expected! 🙂 It must be some bug in these Sagem firmware. I will post the other one back once I complete a few more tests. It may work well for someone else who is only using WiFi connections and prefers simplier GUI 


Many Thanks!



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Hi adamitech


No problem 🙂


The Huawei WIFI hub is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.





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I've updated my details so you can easily find my account now. Many thanks for helping me out 🙂


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Hi adamitech


Please can you add your name and TalkTalk landline number to your Community Profile, I can then send this router.





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Hi Debbie,
I'm more than happy to test this out with Huawei router supporting Fibre35 (FTTC). Please post it to me. Hopefully, my wired printer will work then.


Support Team
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Hi adamitech


I'm sorry to hear this. I'm not aware of any issues.


Would you like me to send a Huawei hub for testing to see how the connection compares?