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New contract question

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My contract finished a few months ago but i havnt renewed it because openreach had been very busy round our area for weeks.

I spoke to an engineer who said i could have FTTP by the end of this year so i continued paying full  out of contract price hoping to sign a FTTP one in the not too distant future.

My dilemma is that they have stopped appearing in my area and no work has been done.(they even set up traffic lights,barriers and cones across from me then did nothing and took them away 2 days later),so if i sign on to another fibre contract and eventually get FTTP,can i still sign a contract for FTTP and  migrate from the other one.


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Ok ,thanks,just wondered how it worked.

Didnt really think i would end up with 2 contracts but wanted to make sure,cheers.


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Hi @alalth you  should be able to upgrade with  tt without  penalty, remember openreach like to  exploit an area for themselves before handing over to third parties like tt.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.