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New customer and Fibre 150 installation

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I am a potential new customer with another provider, and was interested in switching to TalkTalk, given the new Faster 150 Fibre and gfast installation.


As I'm coming up to the end of my contract with existing provider, I have noticed that the Faster 150 Fibre requires installation from an engineer (provisionally earliest 30 June).


Two questions:

1) Will I receive an interruption in service if I order broadband with TalkTalk now? Would it be possible to switch over to TalkTalk fibre (potentially "normal" superfast fibre) without an engineer coming round?

2) What exactly is involved in "installing a new fibre line"? As far as I was aware, it should be going via Openreach and the existing phone line, which I have. Would it involve any drilling or running lines internal to the house?


Information provided during the order/checkout stages:

Faster 150 Fibre Installation
To optimise your Faster 150 Fibre package, we must send an Openreach engineer to your home to install a new fibre line. We are delighted to offer this installation FREE for all our Faster 150 customers. Our engineer will set up your TalkTalk router, as well as optimise your home for the best broadband speeds possible.


This is a provisional appointment based on the earliest Openreach engineer dates in response to Covid-19. The exact date will be confirmed in your welcome pack.