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Morning all, 


Really sorry as you probably have this question everyday but I have recieved my WiFi hub through the post and also my welcome letter advising the internet will be up running today but could take up to midnight. I have set up the router/hub and have the flashing Amber light.


Is there anyway of finding out or narrowing down what the going 'live' time might be at all? I am a keyworker and desperately need the Internet for work. I am on the FFTP 500 future fibre deal. Thank you all.




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Hi Jay,


If you still need assistance can you please add your full address to the private notes section of your community profile and we'll be happy to help




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Did TT sell you broadband on it's own ?


The TT sales info certainly says they do not include a landline, whereas the similar product from BT has provision for a phone line over copper.


Your router will need to be connected to the modem and not the phone line for a FTTP service.

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OK looking at the picture you have sent it looks a lot like the set up I have.  


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It all depends on what EXACTLY you already have on the wall.


However, according the the information in the link I added, TT DO NOT provide a landline with their Future Fibre products.


If the equipment was fitted by BT as part of the deal then as BT DO provide a landline then there will be a phone socket, but that will not carry the broadband signal at all.


A typical full fibre installation looks like this



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OK so I phoned up enquiring about different options as my current contract was up. This product was suggested to me from the call agent as being the perfect product as it was quick and easy. 


He made no mention of engineers having to come and made no attempt of organising anything like that he just said as we are a new build house what we require is already ready to go so the router can just be plugged in and wait for activation?


So this is completely wrong?




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You seem to have misunderstood what you have ordered.


FTTP from TalkTalk is a FULL FIBRE service that does not include any phone service at all, it does not use any copper lines at all.


It also requires an engineer installation, where the fibre cable is brought into your home and an Optical Network Termination is fitted.


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Hi Martin, 


No I was told as its future fibre it doesn't need a telephone line and so it's a case of just plugging in the router to a telephone line and plug and that's it as they use the bt copper wires. I have plugged it into my bt modem as I have read they are compatible.




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Has the engineer already been to bring the fibre cable into your home and fit the termination point ?


Where exactly have you connected the router to ?