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No broadband connection

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Hi there,

All was fine until this afternoon when the router lost broadband connection. If you power cycle the hg365 router, the power and wifi leds light up followed by a flashing broadband led. This then stays solid for a second then the router seems to go into restart cycle which causes all the leds to go out except power, then wifi comes back on followed by a blinking broadband led which then repeats the above. The Internet leds does not flicker or light up. I can’t connect to the router via a network cable as the router keeps restarting and talking down the Ethernet ports


I’ve tried new filters and a direct connection to the master socket. Phone line sounds good and you can make or receive calls fine.


I work from home so appreciate a speedy reply. I’ve also called the help desk who have texted me to say they’re looking into it but thought I could add more information here.


thanks Julian

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tried turning the router off for 10 minutes then powered it back on. Same thing happens but the power led also goes out so it seems to do a complete reset. So to be clear, power led comes on, followed by WiFi followed by a flashing broadband led. This flashes for about 3 times and then the router seems to reset and all leds go out. Then the above sequence repeats.


Also tried the test socket as per the No Broadband troubleshooting guide


Could the router be at fault?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi JulianT50,


I'm sorry for the delay. I've run a test on the line which has detected a potential voice fault. Is the voice service still ok at the moment with no noise on the line?




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Hi Michelle, I spoke to a TalkTalk support guy this morning and he diagnosed the router. Interestingly he also did line tests but it all looked fine. New router is being sent out so hopefully it’ll arrive tomorrow
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Hi JulianT50


Thanks for your reply.


Please let us know how the connection compares with the replacement router.



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Hi Debbie,


New router has fixed it!


DHL messed up the delivery which was a shame as it would have been fixed within 28hrs after speaking to the engineer.


Thanks for all of your help.

Community Team - TT Staff



Glad the new router has resolved this for you.