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No broadband for nine days

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Wednesday 29th September I woke to no broadband. After checking the router and finding it okay I contacted TalkTalk. Checks were performed and eventually they agreed there was a fault. An engineer was booked and arrived on Monday. The Open Reach engineer phoned to say a fault was found in a roadside cabinet, a card was at fault and they were awaiting a replacement. The following morning I received a text message from TalkTalk that the fault had been rectified. I contacted TalkTalk again to say that it had not been rectified. They did further checks and agreed that it was still not done. Another engineer was booked who telephoned today (Friday). When I told him what the previous engineer had found he said that this was the case and that the fault could take until the end of October to be sorted, and it was down to the cabinet provider to effect repairs.

A text message from TalkTalk followed soon after repeating what the previous one said. So as far as TalkTalk's automated messaging system was concerned everything was sorted!

Since this I have been trying to get a short term switch to copper, just until the fibre card is sorted.

No one at TalkTalk seems to realise that any outage on broadband is a big deal! Especially since my heating and hot water, lighting, security cameras, smart TVs and sound systems and echo devices rely on a connection.

Why don't Customer Service personnel have the information about the cabinet failure? I don't now if this is down to Open Reach not communicating or TalkTalk's automated messaging. Whatever it is not good enough.


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Hi crispian,

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